Fiber optic probes are convenient, versatile sampling devices that combine with spectrometers, light sources and accessories for real-time, direct measurements of liquids, powders, solids and even flame emission. Standard and custom probes are available.

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Ocean Optics has consolidated the multispectral sensing and imaging offerings of PIXELTEQ into the Ocean Optics product portfolio, providing customers with a full complement of spectral imaging design and manufacturing capabilities to meet various measurement needs.  

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Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's ... a spectrometer on a drone? Spectroscopy is on the move, thanks to advances in miniature spectrometers, microprocessors and system connectivity. See how taking the instrument to the sample has never been easier.   

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In this application note, we discover how geoscientists use NeoFox optical oxygen sensors for reaction kinetics studies of pyrite oxidation. Pyrite oxidation is often linked to environmental issues such as remediation monitoring in aquifers and sediments.

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For researchers facing the awesome power of an active volcano, the size, portability and ruggedness of Ocean Optics spectrometers are an ideal option for monitoring SO2 emissions and other gases. In this overview, we look at applications from sites around the world.

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In this technical tip, we explain how to use the Schematic function of OceanView software to display subranges -- a single wavelength or range of wavelengths -- across a spectrum. The Schematic allows users to generate, customize and save spectroscopy projects.

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