October 2019
From Executive Director Tom Ikeda
Dear friends,

I’ve always believed in the importance of preserving history and the power of personal stories. But doing this work in the middle of a history-in-the-making moment has taught me that quietly documenting these stories is no longer enough. We must activate that history to build the courage and compassion needed for a more just world.

That’s why I’m excited to gather in community at the 2019 Densho Dinner in just a few weeks, and share how we’re activating the Japanese American past to fight for a better future. 

I’m especially excited to hear from two strong voices who will be featured at this event: Dr. Satsuki Ina, co-chair of Tsuru For Solidarity and a leader in the movement to end the detention of immigrant children and families; and poet, educator, and longtime feminist and human rights activist Mitsuye May Yamada. I never cease to be inspired by the ways these amazing women draw from their own WWII incarceration experience to fight for the rights of others — and I hope you will be too.

The stories of Japanese American WWII incarceration are needed today more than ever. Please join me at the Densho Dinner on Saturday, November 2 to activate our history!

In appreciation and solidarity,
Please join us at the Densho Dinner on Saturday, November 2! We’ll gather, share, and celebrate all while supporting efforts to activate our history.

Learn more about the event at www.densho.org/denshodinner.
Densho Collaboration with TedEd: The Aki Kurose Story
We're proud to share the product of a Densho-TedEd collaboration that's been nearly a year in the making! Densho staff helped research and write this video that tells the story of WWII incarceration through the life of Seattle legend Aki Kurose. To help teachers bring these essential lessons into the classroom, we crafted curriculum and additional activities.

In the first week since its publication, the video has reached over 100,000 educators and has the potential to reach millions of students. Please help spread the story by sharing it with all the teachers you know!

Announcing the Digital Library of Japanese American Incarceration
Thanks to a partnership between Densho and the Internet Archive, the Digital Library of Japanese American Incarceration is now available online! Anyone with an Internet Archive account can borrow these books for free.

As Wendy Hanamura writes on the Internet Archive blog, "Our next step is to weave these 500 books into the place where people go first for online information: Wikipedia. Working with scholars and Wikipedia editors, we are turning the footnotes into clickable links that take you to the exact page of the reference. Along the way, we are correcting factual errors, providing context, and making sure that at the end of this saeculum, the voices of those who lived through the incarceration will still be a source of truth."

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Ten Things that Made Poston Concentration Camp Unique
The Colorado River “Relocation Center”—more commonly referred to as Poston —was located in the Arizona desert a few miles from the California border, on the Colorado River Indian Reservation. The largest and most populous of the War Relocation Authority (WRA) administered concentration camps (with the exception of post-segregation Tule Lake ) with a peak population of nearly 18,000, Poston was unique among WRA camps in a number of ways.

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Oral History Spotlight: Chizuko Omori
Chizuko Omori grew up in Oceanside, California and was incarcerated with her family at Poston during WWII. In this clip she recalls her “miserable” first summer in Poston, and adjusting to the difficult conditions of camp life.

Thank you to all who joined our Bay Area events!
We loved connecting with our Bay Area friends, new and old, at a series of events in late September. Thank you to all who took the time to come out and meet with us! We'll resume our road show in 2020, with stops in Sacramento, Las Vegas, and more!

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