From the Director
Dear Colleague,

The summer maintenance period has ended at CHESS and user operations have resumed. CHESS staff is delighted for the return of in-person users, while also offering remote access at all CHESS beamlines.

We are currently accepting proposals for the upcoming run starting January 21, 2022. To be scheduled for the January to March 2022 cycle, a proposal must be submitted by the upcoming Proposal Deadline, Friday, October 29th, 2021. Proposals can be submitted through the online CHESS User Portal.

In this newsletter, we feature recent research at the FAST beamline, where researchers tested cold-spraying in additive manufacturing. Cold spraying is an attractive option for additive manufacturing of composites, as materials remain well below melting temperatures, which precludes chemical reactions and phase transformations. This research exploited the unique strengths of the FAST beamline at CHEXS, whose mission is to understand and improve materials processing and performance.

CHESS is looking to fill several open positions at the lab. Please check out the exciting job opportunities at CHESS and consider working with our dynamic team.

I look forward to welcoming our CHESS users back into the lab, and hope to see you all soon,

Joel Brock, Director, CHESS (email Joel)
Join the CHESS team!
With exciting new opportunities on the horizon and ongoing collaborations with New York State and federal partners like the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Air Force Research Lab, CHESS is expanding its operations and recruiting for several new open positions.

We are seeking to fill the positions of CHESS Managing Director and CHESS Executive Assistant as well as several research, scientist, and technician positions.

The CHESS team is innovative, dynamic and welcoming, and as employees of Cornell University, enjoy excellent employee support and benefits.

If you or someone you know is a good fit, we strongly encourage you to apply! Please feel free to share widely.
Submit Beamtime Requests and Proposals for 2022-1
CHESS is accepting beamtime proposals and beamtime requests (BTR) for beamlines that are part of the Center for High Energy X-ray Sciences (CHEXS) at CHESS and MacCHESS for the January to March 2022 cycle.
Submitting a beamtime proposal is the most common way for users to access a beamline. To be scheduled in the January to March cycle, a proposal must be submitted by the Proposal Deadline, Friday, October 29th, 2021.
Phase-specific deformation in additively manufactured Ni–CrC composites
New in situ high-energy X-ray diffraction research using the FAST beamline tested cold-spraying in additive manufacturing. Researchers found a high concentration of manufacturing defects and that the load-bearing properties of the material can be improved via post-spray treatments.
Testing for the Continuous Spectrum of X-Rays Predicted to Accompany the Photoejection of an Atomic Inner Shell Electron
Echoing classical physics, quantum electrodynamics predicts the release of a spectral continuum of electromagnetic radiation upon the sudden acceleration of charged particles in quantum matter. Despite apparent theoretical success in describing sister nuclear processes, known as internal bremsstrahlung, following nuclear beta decay and K capture, the situation of the photoejection of an electron from an inner shell of an atom, intraatomic bremsstrahlung (IAB), is far from settled.
Ambient Crystallography workshop recap
The Ambient Crystallography workshop, part of the CHESS 2030 Workshop series, was a resounding success. Over 100 registrants got to listen and interact with 13 leading scientists to discuss current research in structural biology and protein crystallography at room temperature.
Issue No. 88 2021.10.15