Weller Book Works is a proud participant in the 21st annual Utah Humanities Book Festival this October. This annual free festival is Utah Humanities’ gift to the community, allowing us to explore ideas by interacting with great writers. The complete program is available at  utahhumanities.org .

The festival is brought to you by the support of our sponsors: the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation, the R. Harold Burton Foundation, the Salt Lake City Arts Council, Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks Fund, National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.
October Events
BREAKFAST CLUB - Join our lead new book buyer and raconteuse, Catherine Weller, for book news and conversation every Tuesday morning. The Breakfast Club meets from 10:00 - 11:00 AM at the Coffee Connection.

LIT KNIT - Do you craft? Do you like books and good conversation? Join our bi-weekly craft circle held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.

COLLECTORS' BOOK SALON - On the last Friday of each month from January through October, bibliophiles gather to mingle and share their bibliopassions in the Rare Book department. Glasses are filled and refreshments served at 6:30, and at 7:15 an invited guest leads the Collector's Chat, a wild and wonderful exploration of a collector's particular passion or interest.
James A. McLaughlin will read from his novel, * Bearskin . Rice Moore is beginning to think his troubles are behind him. He’s found a job protecting a remote forest preserve in Appalachia where his responsibilities include tracking wildlife and refurbishing cabins. It’s hard, solitary work—perfect to hide away from the Mexican drug cartels he betrayed in Arizona. But when Rice finds the carcass of a bear on the grounds, his solitude is suddenly at risk.

*Catherine's Staff Recommend
Mark Matheson, Professor of English at the University of Utah, will lead a Books & Bridges lecture and discussion on the proposals of marriage in some of Shakespeare's greatest plays:  Love’s Labor’s Lost Romeo and Juliet Much Ado about Nothing , and  The Winter’s Tale . Throughout his work, Shakespeare presents marriage proposals in a surprising variety of ways, but whatever form they take, they are sensitive dramatic moments that enable us to explore the politics of a given play’s society and the independence of the female characters involved.  
Julia Corbett will read from  Out of the Woods: Seeing Nature in the Everyday . In this fresh and introspective collection of essays, Julia Corbett examines nature in our lives with all of its ironies and contradictions by seamlessly integrating personal narratives with morsels of highly digestible science and research. Each story delves into an overlooked aspect of our relationship with nature—insects, garbage, backyards, noise, open doors, animals, and language—and how we cover our tracks.
Author Steve Patrick examines words and our usage of them in regards to mindfulness and present-living in his book,  A Whole of the Whole . He writes, “In the process of forming any single word, most of reality is left out. Words exclude in order to become shortcuts for naming. They are only arrows that point toward reality but don't represent it." For Steve Patrick, experiencing reality firsthand, and directly, brings a joy of living and gratitude for life never imagined before.
Susan Purvis reads from her new memoir,  Go Find: My Journey to Find the Lost-And Myself . Accompanied by her black Lab, Tasha, Purvis navigates her way through deep snow and challenging relationships to find passion and purpose in saving lives in the Colorado mountains.
Weller Book Works and Salt Lake Film Society are thrilled to welcome legendary director Don Coscarelli to Salt Lake City. Coscarelli will present a special screening of his cult horror classic  Phantasm (remastered) at The Tower Theatre, followed by a signing of his new book,  True Indie: Life and Death in Filmmaking .

Best known for his films  Phantasm The Beastmaster Bubba Ho-tep , and  John Dies at the End , now Coscarelli is taking you on a white-knuckle ride through the rough and tumble world of indie film. To purchase tickets visit  SLFS.org To pre-order the book, visit our website  wellerbookworks.com , or call 801-328-2586.
Revisit the world of B-Movies and terrible post-war food with author Christian McKay Heidicker, who will read from his new young adult novel, * Attack of the 50 Foot Wallflower Phoebe Lane is a lightning rod for monsters. She and her mom are forced to flee flesh-eating plants, blobs from outer space, and radioactive ants. They survive thanks to Phoebe’s dad—an invisible titan, whose giant eyes warn them where the next monster attack will take place. All Phoebe wants is to stop running from motel to motel and live a monster-free life. But when her mom mysteriously vanishes, Phoebe is left to fend for herself in a seemingly idyllic small town.

Attack of the 50 Foot Wallflower  challenges perceived notions of beauty, identity, and what it means to be a monster. Stick around for a book signing,  SPAM sandwiches, and Jell-o.

*Emma's Staff Recommend
Author and  Literary Death Match  host Adrian Todd Zuniga discusses his latest novel,  Collision Theory . This novel tells the story of Thomas Mullen who witnessed a woman jump to her death fifteen months ago. Now his parents call to plead with him to come home, but it is not until his best friend shows up that Thomas is awakened. He soon finds himself on an unpredictable journey in which he is forced to confront difficult truths: girlfriends leave, mothers fall ill, and attempts to deny pain will ultimately fail.

Adrian Todd Zuniga is the host/creator/CCO of Literary Death Match (now featured in over 60 cities worldwide) and host of LDM Book Report on YouTube. A WGA Award-nominated screenwriter, he co-wrote Madden NFL 18’s interactive movie Longshot (EA Sports). 
Weller Book Works will host an evening with the Creative Non-Fiction finalists for the 15 Bytes Book Awards, presented by Artists of Utah.

Join us as we celebrate exemplary works in nonfiction that explore the trauma of birth, the travails of dementia, and the solitude of the desert. Brooke William is the winner of of the 15 Bytes Book Award this year for his book, Open Midnight . Ordinary Trauma by Jennifer Sinor and Memory's Last Breath by Gerda Saunders have been recognized as finalists. The winner and finalists will read from and sign their books.
Author Mark J Nelson will sign his book,  White Hat: The Military Career of Captain William Philo Clark Known for his role in the arrest and killing of Crazy Horse and for the book he wrote,  The Indian Sign Language , Clark was one of the Old Army’s renaissance men, by turns administrator, fighter, diplomat, explorer, and ethnologist. As such, Clark found himself at center stage during some of the most momentous events of the post–Civil War West: from Brigadier General George Crook’s infamous “Starvation March” to Sitting Bull’s final fight against the U.S. Army.
Hugo award-winning and NY Times bestselling author John Scalzi will read from and sign the latest in his Interdependency series, The Consuming Fire the dazzling follow-up to  The Collapsing Empire  – a space opera in a universe on the brink of destruction.

The Interdependency, humanity’s interstellar empire, is on the verge of collapse. The Flow, the extra-dimensional pathway between the stars, is disappearing, leaving planets stranded. Billions of lives will be lost – unless desperate measures can be taken.

Emperox Grayland II, the leader of the Interdependency, is ready to take those measures. But it’s not that easy. There are those who believe the collapse of the Flow is a myth – or an opportunity for them to ascend to power.

While Grayland prepares for disaster, others prepare for civil war. A war that will take place in the halls of power, the markets of business and the altars of worship as much as between spaceships. Nothing about this power struggle will be simple or easy.. and all of human civilization is at stake.

Prioritized signing will be given to those who purchase  The Consuming Fire  through Weller Book Works - purchase in-store or order your copies now via our website wellerbookworks.com , or call 801-328-2586.
Poet Sonja Mabel McClure’s debut collection, Shift//Motion has themes of movement, travel, sound, and passion. Her new collection envisions a shift out of redundancy towards exploration with the top down and taking in every sense of self-discovery and wanderlust.

McClure's poems and articles have been featured in Touchstones and The Catalyst . She resides in the suburbs of Salt Lake City.
Author Laura Rutter Strickling will read from and sign her book, On Fire in Baltimore: Black Mormon Women and Conversion in a Raging City . More than the personal stories of Black women who converted to Mormonism, On Fire in Baltimore is set against the background of a city known for its racial and economic inequality. In it, devout women of color tell stories of drug addiction and rape, of nights spent in jail and days looking for work, and of single motherhood and grief for lost children. Their stories are counterbalanced with visitations from heavenly beings, dreams of deceased mothers, protection from violence, and missionary messengers.

The women of On Fire in Baltimore share how they reconcile their membership in a historically white church that once denied them full membership because of their race. While writing the book, Laura Rutter Strickling was compelled to question how her own whiteness has impacted her perspective, and how an unquenchable spiritual fire burns bright in a raging city.
Spencer W. McBride will dissect the "Myth of the Christian President" for Books & Bridges.  In his presentation, McBride will examine the history of an expectation embraced by millions of twenty-first century Americans that the president of the United States must be a Christian. The Constitution explicitly states that there should be no religious test for federal office. From where did this extra-constitutional expectation arise? McBride uncovers the origins of this belief in the partisan battles of the election of 1800 between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and demonstrates how the belief has evolved over the ensuing centuries.
Meet other smart readers in the Rare Book Room every final Friday of the month, January through October. Glasses are filled and socializing begins at 6:30 PM, and at 7:15 an invited guest shares her or his bibliopassion in the Collector's Chat.

Bertram Kundert ’s Collector’s Chat will present a brief history of Science Fiction. He’ll show copies of books and magazines from the late 19th and early 20th centuries representative of the different periods of Science Fiction development. These include Amazing Stories and Astounding Science Fiction as well as first editions from Fantasy Press. He’ll talk about some of the early authors, their influences, and how Science Fiction has influenced mainstream writing.
The authors of Haunted Salt Lake City , Kristen Clay, Laurie Allen, Cassie Howard-Ashton, and Nanette Watts will gather for a spooky presentation followed by a signing.

Uncovering ghost stories in Salt Lake City leads to a spooky mixture of legend, lore and local history. A young female apparition likes to surprise guests of the McCune Mansion by leaping from a mirror. Believed to be stationed at Fort Douglas, a Civil War vet named Clem still teases female visitors. Staff at the historic Devereaux Mansion, once a major social center, finally gave up their vain nightly attempts to keep the lights off and now allow the spirits to continue their eternal party. Nuns of the Sisters of the Holy Cross still visit patients in the hospital they established. The authors are the guides of Story Tours’ Salt Lake City Ghost Tour, and will reveal characters who just can’t seem to leave the valley.
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