October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Dear Friend,

Welcome to our special DVAM (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) edition of the YWCA Glendale and Pasadena newsletter. All month long we are hosting events, participating in regional educational events, and engaging our social media community through campaigns like Week Without Violence and Wear Purple Day.

Domestic violence affects millions of people yearly, more prevalent than most realize. One in four women and one in seven men will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes. Sadly, we know that domestic violence affects far too many people in our community – people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, race, sexual identity or orientation, or socio-economic status, can become a victim of domestic violence.

For women and girls of color, and members of our LGBTQIA+ community, the prevalence of being targeted for abuse and violence is even higher.

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a time when we gather to raise awareness of this complex and pervasive issue, elevate the visibility of community resources available to help, engage policymakers to enact change, and celebrate the strength and resiliency of the brave survivors in our lives and our community.

Today, and for the rest of October, we honor victims who lost their lives to domestic violence. But this month is also a time to celebrate those who have survived Domestic Violence. These SURVIVORS have walked through our doors and said, "My spouse or partner beats me, and I need help." This month, we recognize the stories of those who survived and are on the pathway to healing. We celebrate and honor their wins.

We also celebrate those who stand in unity to help survivors. It is a hard road to travel when you are a survivor AS WELL as an advocate. Our domestic violence program staff work everyday to support and remove barriers that exist for surivors of vairous communities and provide the highest quality of support and services. As advocates, they carry the stories of victims upon their hearts and feel their pain. Our staff help the survivors find healing, and they need to be honored.

This month, I remind the community that domestic violence rears its ugly head in our homes, relationships, schools, workspaces, church communities, and surrounds us. We must strengthen our approach to eliminating violence with healthy relationship education and organizing toward inclusive communities. We must gather to support survivors, even if we do not understand why they continue to go back. For healthy relationships to occur, people must be able to meet their basic needs for safety. We lower the risk of domestic violence when we build stronger community support for our safety net: policies that promote economic stability, stable housing, and equity.

YWCA Glendale and Pasadena annually serves over 2,000 surivors of abuse and violence. We need advocates, medical professionals, educators, survivors, researchers, policymakers, law enforcement officers, business owners, and students to stop domestic violence here in our community.

Don't stay silent. Join us in spreading awareness.

In peace and partnership,
Tara Peterson
Tara Peterson, CEO
YWCA Glendale and Pasadena
Domestic Violence Awareness Month Events
Special Guest Speaker - Hannah Kozak, Acclaimed Photographer
Hannah is an autobiographical photographer. Her subjects are the people and places that touch her emotionally. She has been photographing people and places for four decades.
Our 5th Annual Purple Tie Awards highlights men who work to support domestic violence survivors and work toward eliminating violence in our community. Domestic Violence, sexual assault, and stalking are not just women’s issues; they are community issues, and gender equality cannot be achieved without the involvement of men and boys. Thank you for being a part of our efforts to create positive change.

Past Honorees

Law Enforcement Advocate
Alex Krikorian, Glendale Police Department

Volunteer Advocate
James Maddox, MSW, ASW, YWCA Intern Therapist

Community Partner Advocate
Albert Hernandez, Family Promise of the Verdugos

Law Enforcement Advocate
Sergeant Ernesto Gaxiola

Community Partner Advocate
Father Vazken Movsesian 

Volunteer Advocate
T.C. Kim, Former YWCA Board member
Jerome French, Former YWCA Board member

Law Enforcement Advocate
Sergeant Aaron Zegiler, Glendale Police Department

Faith Leader Advocate
Pastor Todd Leonard, Glendale City Church

Community Advocate
Mher Baghdasaryan, Good Morning Armenians'

Law Enforcement Advocate
Officer Aaron Kim, Glendale Police Department

Corporate Partner Advocate
Howard Smith, Pasadena Federal Credit Union
"He Threw the Last Punch Too Hard," is an evocative and emotional exhibit by acclaimed photographer Hannah Kozak. This profoundly powerful collection details the artist’s mother, Rachel, through her life and journey with domestic violence.

The exhibit will be on display through December 10, 2023.

DV Program Participants at YWCA Participate in Clothesline Project
In addition to the exhibit in ReflectSpace Gallery, The Clothesline Project, presented by YWCA of Glendale and Pasadena, will be displayed in Central Library's PassageWay Gallery. 

The Clothesline Project is a visual display that bears witness to domestic violence. Each shirt is decorated to represent a particular person's experience by the survivor or someone who cares about them. The color of each shirt represents a different type of violence. The project aims to raise awareness and help end the silence of domestic violence in our community.
Free and confidential help is available 24/7 for individuals experiencing domestic violence. Those seeking help may contact the YWCA’s confidential hotline at 888-999-7511 or visit www.ywcagp.org for more information.
Join us on Instagram @ywcagp, October 16-21, 2023, for our 2023 Week Without Violence! This year’s theme is Not On Our Screens. Not In Our Streets: A Movement Towards Violence-Free Communities. 

Women of all backgrounds and identities disproportionately bear the burden of gender-based violence — online and in-person — and it is essential to recognize the diverse experiences of survivors. Communities of color, LGBTQIA+ people, women and girls with disabilities, veterans, and those with multiple marginalized identities are some groups at heightened risk for violence and often face more significant barriers to safety and accessing resources and support. Follow us online for #WeekWithoutViolence the week of October 16th - 21st to elevate stories, share information, and raise awareness about #GenderBasedViolence.
Purple Thursday is a national day of action each October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about domestic violence and an easy way for people to show their commitment to promoting healthy relationships.

All you need to do is wear purple - the “color” of domestic violence and start a conversation with your family, friends, or coworkers about why you’re wearing purple, and then take a selfie and post it online.

It’s simple because each ripple of purple voices and photos online can create a tidal wave of awareness and change!

Take a photo of yourself, friends, family and coworkers wearing purple and share it on social media for #PurpleThursday! Be sure to tag us!


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