October 2018
October is Fire Safety Month!

It's not just a RACE and Pass! 

The approach to fire safety is more  than just race and pass and it i s everyone's responsibility. Take these extra steps to insure safety in your building. 
HELP! Engaging Leaders

C&A's philosophy is to build success based on regulatory compliance. One of the fastest ways to demonstrate compliance of patient safety standards - either decreased or improved - is to show the numbers! .

CMS Immediate Jeopardy: Part VI

How to Address an Immediate Jeopardy Decision? The entity must take action, right away!   Read More
Paper, Paper Everywhere?!

The C&A EC Document Management Service is our brand-new service-line designed to provide support to your organization in organizing your EC/LS documents.  The foundation of the service is to assist you in ensuring that your documentation is complete, well-organized and compliant with the standards.  Read More  

9-1-1: Things You Have to Know   
The Joint Commission (TJC) has proposed new pain assessment and management standards to add to the Behavioral Health program.    

C&A presents:   CMS & TJC UPDATES. 
Nov 19, 2018, 12:00pm-1:00pm EST  
In our next issue C_Apps - a solution for Accreditation and Quality leaders

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