refundHow to do a refund in Wintix 6

There have been a lot of improvements in the way Wintix 6 handles refunds from the way they operate in Wintix 5. 

One important thing has never changed, though. Make it a policy to return the reserved seats or the general admission tickets BEFORE issuing any kind of refund.It is crucial that all your seats and your total capacity be accurate. It's too easy to forget that important duty once monies have been exchanged.

urlYou can have a separate URL for each class or special program

Many of our Wintix/Webtix users offer classes and other special programs to engage their communities, and build relations and valuable revenue. 

If you do, too, there is a feature in Webtix that will allow you to have a separate URL to link to as many registration or purchase pages that you require. As you can see from the example above, this makes it really easy for your patrons to find the class or event they want.

printerClean your printer once a week!

Do you print a lot of tickets? It's important to clean your thermal printers at least once a week to ensure your tickets print clearly. 

Here are a couple of quick Help Desk posts with general tips on how to clean them, with some specifics added for Datamax E class and GoDEX RT 200i printers.

Order thermal ticket printers through us
We will support these printers as long as your organization purchases the printer from Center Stage Software; and has a current support contract in place. Since we have developed great relationships with GoDEX, Practical Automation, Citizen, and other printer companies, we can also obtain assistance for advanced printer issues.

We can help you with all your printer and ticket needs
We are a one stop shop for:
  • printheads
  • printers
  • ticket stock
  • cardswipes
  • and much more! 
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updateWindows 10 users - have you updated the latest buggy Windows 10 update?

Apparently a Windows update Microsoft issued this month to patch a security vulnerability may break your ability to print. 

Your Windows 10 machine may have been bugging you (pun intended) to do a critical update. You might be tempted to put it off because it takes a long time and you have better things to do.

This time, it's better to run the latest update to fix the update. 

If you need to manually install the update, you can get it from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

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