giftIt's scary how close the winter holidays are!
Don't be spooked - it's the perfect time to sell Gift Certificates
with Wintix and Webtix

Your patrons know how much fun they have with you. Now is the perfect time to let them share that experience with their friends and family by offering gift certificates for sale.

You can easily sell them online through Webtix and it's time to start selling them now!

If you are using Wintix 5, all you need to do is set them up as a "season package" so they have no date associated with them. Wintix 6 works a bit differently.

Chop those prices in-house or online with great  discount
discounts  for bloody good sales!

In Wintix 6, promo codes have now become discount codes. You can offer a discount by percentage or dollar amount, and it can be limited to certain time periods or performances.

You can apply them to in-house sales, instead of just online sales now, too! Just apply the discount right when you are making the sale.

If you are using Wintix 5, you can still offer promotion codes to create sales and excitement for your event. 
How does all that information get magically added showinfo
to Webtix shows and performances?

You don't have to be a wizard to conjure up exciting show descriptions, performance details, and other spellbinding information on your Webtix page.

Wintix has tools that let you add text on your event, show, and performance pages. The example below shows where text input in Wintix appears in Webtix. 

Bring life to a reservation by transforming it to a salereservation

It doesn't take a spark of extraordinary luck to turn a reservation into a sale and still keep your books in balance. 

Wintix has a monstrous amount of flexibility to help keep those tasks tamed. You just need to know how to effectively use the tools you have. 

It works a bit differently depending on which Wintix version you have so click on the right link below to learn more. 

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