October 2017

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Who wants to sell gift certificates?

You do - so your organization can make lots of money!

A gift certificate or card is often the perfect present - especially to a live performance. The giver is appreciated for choosing such a thoughtful gift, while the recipient enjoys being able to pick the show they want to see.

You can easily sell them online through Webtix and, since the holidays are right around the corner, it's an optimal time to start planning their sales.

If you are using Wintix 5, all you need to do is set them up as a "season package" so they have no date associated with them. Wintix 6 works a bit differently.

Learn how to set up gift certificates in Wintix 5.
Learn how to sell gift certificates in Wintix 5.

Learn how to set up gift certificates in Wintix 6
Learn how to sell gift certificates in Wintix 6


F all into big savings on blank ticket stock
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Need a bit of specific information on some of your Webtix shows? 
We can write some custom HTML for a small fee for you! 

In the example above, a Webtix user had different pricing for their cabaret seats, depending on where the tables were in the venue. We created a simple pricing legend so their patrons could easily decide which seats they would like.

A lot of our clients don't have someone who can write HMTL for these small - but important - jobs. Let us do it for you. Contact support@centerstage.com  or call us at 831-920-1254. Let's talk!
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"I Put a Spell on You" Bette Middler in "Hocus Pocus"
We're putting a spell on you to go update your Wintix right now! 
In Wintix, go to Help | About Wintix and click the Download update button

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