October 2021
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It is cranberry season here on Cape Cod! To the left is a photo of a cranberry harvest in progress. Most of this year's crop has probably been harvested by now, but very soon it will be November, which is the perfect month for all sorts of cranberry baked goods!

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Early Geological Maps

We have two handsome geological maps that have been recently added to our website. Geology became popularized during the age of the lyceum, or public lecture series, that began around 1820, with many prominent geologists lecturing frequently to the public. By the 1830s and 1840s, geology held a position of high public esteem. The US Geological Survey was, however, not established until 1879. These early geological maps were published by the State of New York. Unfortunately, public interest in the study of geology declined at the onset of the Civil War, but isn't it delightful to imagine ardent geologists lecturing to a curious public audience, excited to learn about the earth's physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it.
Geological Map of the Middle and Western States by James Hall, 1843
Geological Map of Long & Staten Islands with the Environs of New York by W.W. Mather, 1842
Pictorial Map of Milton, MA

With historical information, notable buildings, literary references, and more, this 1937 antique pictorial map of the town of Milton, MA Massachusetts by Claretta Pope Higgins is quite the charmer. The borders feature detailed images of the oldest buildings and other notable things relating to Milton.
An Intriguing Map of North America
Few examples of this map have been recorded and little seems to be known of it. It is a later edition of de Fer's 1693 map, this version being published in 1754. The only apparent update to the map was the awkward re-working of California, leaving all of the other late 17th century geography intact. Interesting features include the Mississippi River that begins in Texas and extends straight north across the center of the continent with mountains directly to the west with no Great Plains. The map notes the Carolinas, Santa Fe in the center of the western half, and a completely unknown Northwest.
Maps from the Documentary History of New York

The Documentary History of the State of New-York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan is a four volume effort to record the history of New York State from the time of the Native Americans to the 1800s, including exploration and settlement by Europeans and the Revolutionary War. Below are a few examples of the fascinating maps of this publication. Some of these are 19th century reproductions of earlier maps, made for this documentary series, but today, even as reproductions, they are 171 years old.
1850 - French Plan of Forts Ontario & Pepperell or Chouaguen 1756
1850 - A Map of the Towns of Livingston, Germantown and Clermont in the County of Columbia. Compiled from Actual Surveys In January 1798. John Wigram.
1850 - Map of the Country of the VI (Six) Nations Proper, with part of the Adjacent Colonies
1850 - Village of Buffalo, NY
Folding Nautical Charts

In the 19 century, when you outfitted your ship with charts, the provisioner asked you how you wanted them: single, joined, mounted, or even broken into small units that could be folded. Charts divided into units allowed the captain to look at only small sections of coast as well as the larger arena. These handsome folding charts are backed on linen and have been archivally restored. The Block Island chart features impressive detail including buildings and roads. The Long Island chart shows the railroads, lighthouses, and towns on Long Island and the Connecticut coast, as well as New York City. These charts will look fantastic when framed and would make an impressive statement.

1887/1900 - Block Island, Rhode Island
1889/1899 - Montauk Point to New York and Long Island Sound
Other Interesting New Additions
1936 - Pictorial Plan of London

Published by "Geographia" Ltd. c. 1936. Features buildings, gardens, public and important buildings labeled.
1883 - Indicator Map of London and Visitors Guide

By C. Smith & Son. Includes a measuring tape to aid you in finding a location- full description of its use on our website!

1858 - Washington-Street, Boston.

1857 - Various Railroad Depots in Boston
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