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October's News 
Hi all, first off we'd like to apologize for last months margin malfunction. We are still trying to figure out this new computer. If you had trouble reading our last tip of the month it has since been remedied and posted to our website. As for this October it's been a wonderful month for us. we've been keeping busy by hanging pictures, fixing sliding doors, helping to install some old fashion storm windows, rebuilt some front steps, repaired a front railing, some painting, fence repairs, and the list goes on and on, but we thought we'd keep it short so you can get to the good stuff. We hope you find this newsletter quite the treat this Halloween and wish you all a safe and happy evening.
Tip of the Month

Here is a quick and simple tip for those with or looking to purchase a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are a very economical way to move air around your home efficiently and have become much more pleasing to the eye compared to the first generation. 

Throwing Stones at Glass Housing 

As some of you may know a while ago Erik bought himself a pre build condo. His biggest deal breaker, besides being able to bring his dog, was living in a glass box. Most important to him was that the exterior of the building was well insulated and low maintenance... the faster things deteriorate, the faster the maintenance fees rise, and windows are the fastest exterior element to deteriorate. The glass design may look cool, but are far less efficient and much more likely to leak, so much so that there are even lawsuits being pursued to hold the condo developers responsible. So to our customers looking to downsizes that empty nest. Think twice about that shiny glass palace. 

Tree Top Catastrophes
You may call this is an extra Tip of Month, but do to what happened at our cottage this month, we thought that it would be a very good time to get this out. 

With winter around the corner and storm season upon us, it is imperative for those with large trees on their property to call an arborist to check the trees out. With our winters getting colder and ice/wind storm becoming more frequent in the city, this is going to be a classic case of a little money spent now to save a bundle later. Luckily at the cottage we have lot's of space around us, but you may not be so lucky in the city, and the last thing you want to find is your tree or part of it crushing your or your neighbours property

Here is some pictures of the after math from the worst storm to hit the Meaford coast in 50 years. 

Special thanks to Uncle Alar for going up to check the damage and sending us these pictures.