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Industry Updates
Most Canadian organizations are creating or executing on a digital transformation strategy, but not all are doing so securely. If you have concerns about the current cybersecurity posture of your organization, you can start by reviewing your existing cyber plan.

One of the most popular resources available online is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), which provides five key functions to help you maintain an acceptable security posture:

  • Identify - All devices on the network must be identified and data classified
  • Protect - Deploy all the necessary security controls to protect your data and assets on the network
  • Detect - Monitor the network 24 x 7 for malicious activity
  • Respond - Have an up-to-date incident response plan to reduce the exposure from data breach
  • Recover - Have the proper recovery tools and a formalized plan to minimize downtime.
More than ever before employees are using multiple devices for business purposes and creating sensitive corporate data. With security threats increasingly coming in through endpoints, organizations need new layers of security though endpoint protection.

Blair Endpoint Data Protection protects and manages unlimited endpoint backup, and ensures data can be easily synchronized from anywhere, anytime and any device.
Cloud Data Protection
With the end of support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 fast approaching (January 14, 2020), let Blair help you:

  • Fast-tracking to Office 365 within seven days
  • A smooth on-boarding process to ensure technology adoption
  • Flexible migration methods to meet your budget and requirements
  • Cost protection provided by a fixed price model

John's Corner
The number of data violations like hacks and breaches has been steadily trending upwards in the past few years. Hardly a week goes by without a major data breach being reported in the news. Cyber threats are rapidly evolving while organizations seem relatively slow to adapt to the rising threat of cyber attacks. When it comes to their targets, cyber attackers aren't picky. Whether large enterprises like Facebook, Equifax, Capital One, or small, privately owned businesses, all fell victim to cybercrime.

What does it all mean and where should you start? It is a good practice to start with an assessment of vulnerabilities to understand where your IT security stands today and how it could be improved Send me a note  and let's get the conversation going.