Message from the Director
My introduction to the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry was 14 years ago as a board member and
volunteer. I still vividly remember that first warm feeling of working hard and knowing it would help a
hungry neighbor. Years later, I still get that warm feeling. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend it highly.
But watch out, it is habit forming. I tell everyone that the number one perk at our pantry is meeting
wonderful people who are trying hard to help neighbors in need. Volunteers ~ You all inspire me!

Thank you to the community for all you’ve done for these past years in supporting local organizations.
More importantly, thank you for helping our food pantry to achieve our critical mission and expand our
programs. And even more importantly, Thank You in advance for what you will do Today and Tomorrow.

Turn Hungry Holidays into Happy Holidays! The holidays are approaching and families are in need. When you are sitting down to share a meal, your hungry neighbors are worrying about how they can do the same thing. The happiest of holidays are those in which everyone has a full plate. Please help us make
that family meal happen. Donate. Volunteer. Get involved. Your contribution can mean the world to a family facing hunger. I know that with you by our side, together we can alleviate hunger.


Diane Renner
Executive Director

Join us at “Fill The Bowls” Sunday, Oct. 16 th from 1-4 at Gaslite Manor, 2485 Church Road. This is always a great afternoon sampling items from our local establishments in a fun, spirited, and impactful way to support struggling families in our community. We are so grateful to the volunteers, sponsors and
restaurants to help us bring this popular fundraiser back!

Those unable to attend but still wish to contribute can make a donation.

To donate or purchase tickets click here

Veterans Day
Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11. It’s a holiday
honoring men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces, on the anniversary of the end of World War I.

Did you know that we support a micro-food pantry at the VA Clinic in North Aurora? Each week a veteran volunteers to restock
these shelves with nutritional items for our veterans to take items when they visit the VA Clinic. Our veterans are proud people and many in need don’t visit food pantries. Why not honor veterans by donating canned tuna or peanut butter to our pantry to stock this site.
East Aurora High School
Our student Food Day program began again this school year at East Aurora High School on Thur. Sept 8th and WOW were we surprised with the increased numbers of students picking up food to take home after school. We are so grateful to have such wonderful and dedicated volunteers, teachers, students and administration to help us meet these growing needs.