On July 28, 2022 the Charis Fellowship ministry at the Happy Church in Jackson, Kentucky was flooded. Since that time, the ministry is hobbling along at part capacity while the Body of Christ has been working through the phases of recovering the Happy Church campus back to where it can house the powerful ministry it has been doing for over 16 years.

A couple hundred people - many from Charis Fellowship churches in Ohio and Indiana - have spent all of August and September working. The dirty phase is completed; the fun phase is now beginning.

To expedite our advance to the finish line, we are calling in reinforcements from Charis churches/districts in Pennsylvania and Maryland, to join us in ...


What is OctoberQUEST?
Read on.
The quest quite simply is to get all Happy Church staff and ministries back in their homes by October 31, 2022.

How Will the QUEST Be Accomplished?
We are asking for reinforcements - teams and workers - from Charis churches in Pennsylvania and Maryland (or wherever) to join those from Ohio and Indiana to get this job over the finish line by Oct. 31.

What Work Remains to be Done?
All the dirty, grungy, slimy work has been completed.
Now we get to the fun stuff:
  • hang drywall, tape/mud, sand, and prep for painting
  • install flooring
  • install appliances
  • odd electrical/plumbing jobs here and there

What Kind of Workers Are Needed for the QUEST?
The quick answer is skilled and semi-skilled workers. There also are a limited number of tasks for folks who have never hung drywall or installed flooring. Larger teams may want to bring someone to do food prep - there is a complete kitchen on campus and a Walmart and large grocery store just 2 miles down the road.

Dates of the QUEST
October 1-31, but we're ready for people starting tomorrow and until October 31. If we know you are coming we will be ready for you. REPEAT: As long as we know you or your team are coming we will be ready for you.

Come for a day or three or a week or the whole month! Seriously, we have plenty of opportunities for people skilled with swinging a hammer to use their gifts and talents to put a smile on God's face and strengthen His work through the Happy Church.
What about Food and Lodging?
The Happy Church is an ideal work site with ample sleeping accommodations including the Charis Fellowship Disaster Response RV. One should come prepared to cover at least the dinner meal each day. There also will be light food available for breakfast and lunch, and restaurants are a couple miles down the road.

Sleeping accommodations will be in the Church sanctuary as well as the RV. Women will be housed in "Emmee's house". Be sure to bring a sleeping bag/pillow, air mattress, towel, and personal effects.

Where do we report to join the QUEST?
43 Happy Church Lane, Jackson Kentucky
Just click the links below to fill in your dates and specific info:

BONUS: We have $100 Gift Cards for McDonald's for the first ten teams of 4 or more who sign up. (Jackson has McDonalds and other restaurants.)
Want to Know More?
For more information, contact Todd Derry, Encompass' Coordinator of Disaster Response Logistics:
- cell: 740-277-9034

Use this link to tell others about OctoberQUEST:

Todd Derry & Barb Wooler
Todd Derry
´╗┐Disaster Response Logistics Coordinator
Encompass World Partners

Barb Wooler
Director of Crisis Response
Encompass World Partners
cell: 574-453-6479