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Pet of the Month!
Skipper Crain  
Skipper is a sweet, gentle Greyhound. He is always ready for a long walk and is friendly to everyone he comes in contact with. He also enjoys his treats and his big basket of toys!
We always enjoy our time with Skipper!!
~Pet and Home Care Team
Bonded and Insured

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Pet and Home Care comes to check on my cat, refreshes her food and water and cleaned the litter boxes.  A 15-minute visit is usually just that, and a 30-minute visit includes some play and petting.  Often times, the note left indicates that my cat was hiding.  The person who usually visits my place will even bring in the packages left at my door or check to ensure the place is OK while I'm away.  They leave a nice little note to say how my cat was, or if she even came out during the visit.  
They have been very reliable and I often get the same person to stop by and look after my cat.  It's such a relief to not have to transport my cat to another location for care.  My cat hates the carrier and it is such a struggle and upsetting for both of us.  So the fact that I can put a lockbox on my door before I leave for business/vacation travel, is perfect -- no hassle, so convenient.  You can customize the visits for just a feeding and litter scoop, or longer to play and groom your pet.  And the little note is always a treat.  You can also get other services like cleaning, organization or other household chores.  I was little worried about letting someone I didn't know having access to my home, but I have had no problems at all.  Would definitely recommend.  I've used them since I moved into the area last August 2012.



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crazy dogs play tug of war!

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And don't forget, we now offer many home services like cleaning, home repair, yard maintenance and personal organizing!
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Odyssey October! 
Odyssey  (ˈɒdɪsɪ)
any long eventful journey

 Happy Halloween!

This month we would like to bring awareness to Lyme Disease. Often ignored and misunderstood, Lyme disease is rarely diagnosed properly. This terrible disease can have devastating effects to the immune system in both humans and animals.


It is often believed that the deer ticks fall from trees, but the truth is that the ticks are in tall grass and bushes. They are very small, move fast, and often leave a "bulls-eye" mark where they bite.


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Reminder: Thanksgiving holiday is starting to get booked up. Please email us if you will need Pet and Home Care, so we can be certain to get you on the schedule! Regular Thursday visits and day care will be cancelled on Thursday November 28 unless you call or email to book your visit. 



Lockboxes! If you haven't received one yet please notify the office ASAP. Our new policy is all clients must use a lockbox, have a garage code, or use a hidden key. The lockboxes have been very helpful and several clients have not jumped on board yet. Using a lockbox saves the sitters lots of time and gas!


Check out our updated website to meet our staff, see more testimonials, and comment on our blog.



Tiffany Reynolds
Pet and Home Care, LLC 


The Furlough has ended!!
Mid day potty break deal!  

Are you at work all day and can't make it home for your pup's potty break? Pet and Home Care can help! We offer 2 hour time frames throughout the day and we can come during the time you choose. Our most popular 11-1 time frame still has spots available! 

Book Monday through Friday regular monthly potty break visits and get the first 
5 visits free!


 Free visits will be the same length as the visits you book. Only applies to clients signing up for weekly visits, does not apply to current weekly clients. Must book for at least two months of weekly visits. 
Expires: December 15, 2013

5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe on Halloween

 This is important. Please share with your friends!

   1. Dangerous Pet Costumes

   2. Halloween Decorations and Fire Hazards

   3. Noise Affects Pets
   4. Candy and Chocolate Are Toxic

   5. Lost Pets  

Please click here for all the details and helpful tips!


We Support 

dog yards

Dewey Needs a Home!


This adorable young man is Dewey.  He is a 5 month old Retriever mix, and is just as cute as can be!  He is a typical happy-go-lucky puppy who enjoys spending time with people and other dogs.  He will be a great medium sized dog when he is full grown, and would enjoy finding a family who will help him grow up to be a friendly and well-socialized pup.  Since Dewey is still young, he will need an adopter who is home for most of the day to help him learn housetraining, learn his manners, and to socialize him with other dogs and people.  He has so much love to give, and cannot wait to find a great family to call his own!  Dewey is neutered and up-to-date on vaccines and preventatives.



Click here for online application.


If you haven't been to their new website, visit now!


 Pet and Home Care will offer 5 free 15min visits to anyone who adopts through PetConnect! Be sure to let us know once you have adopted your new furry baby!



PetConnect desperately needs your help! Please lend a hand if you can this year, and help them to foster or adopt and save even more lives.

Thanks for being part of the Pet and Home Care family.  
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