Of Elephants and Trust....
Newsletter May 2014
Image courtesy of Nyako Nakar, www.nyakonakar.com

Hi and greetings from a sunshiny UK where we are finally beginning to see and feel the fiery passion and energy of summer. It is a season I have such a strong resonance with being of the fiery leonine aspect, so for me it doesn't come around quickly enough! I have, however, learned the deep lessons of Divine patience and in finding the power and gifts in the natural flow of celestial and earthly cycles.

It almost seems redundant at this stage to mention how intense the March and April months have been through the incredible alignments and celestial events. Here we are in May being given a pause to regain our balance and integrate the shifts of the early months of this year. We made it through those powerful gateways of April & if you still have a smile on your face, then congratulations - your're doing absolutely marvellously!

As many of you know, I moved house at the end of March and there were long stories around the house move, however it proved to be an incredible journey of extreme trust and divine synchronicity. I intend to record the story as an inspirational audio recording, as the plots and superb timings that were woven into events were an inspiration both to me as well as those around me. The brief version of how things rolled out is :

- I had to ultimately leave my previous accommodation without anywhere else to move to. Technically, this left me 'homeless', however I knew that somehow everything would be ok.
- within 48 hours, and after a number of time and venue changes, I found myself in a shop called Healthy Spirit making a personal delivery of some Magic of Colour products. There I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for 3 months, and after sharing my current situation was offered a fully furnished home she had inherited when her mom passed on last year. I would be able to move into it within a few weeks.
- While clearing out her mom's home, prior to me moving in, my friend found one of my own meditation cd's that had been left in the cd player. Her mom (Reta) used to listen to it each night before going to sleep (what a beautiful confirmation of the fact that this was the right space! As another friend noted, I had been 'preparing the space' long before the actual move!)
- While staying with a friend in Doncaster during the interim weeks, she received guidance in respect of a new Diamond energy spray that is waiting to birthed (still to come). At the same time, I was told about a new gem essence that was required & it needed to be created with Pearls.
- on the day I moved into my new 'home' (which is imbued with a beautiful cocooning, supportive and loving energy) I found a jewellery box in the bedroom that had belonged to Reta. As I had just also been given a new 'treasure chest' as a gift, I needed to move the jewellery box and so checked to make sure it was empty before packing it away. In the bottom drawer of the jewellery box were - you guessed it - a pair of pearl earrings and 2 beautiful unstrung, unset pearls! Somehow they had been 'missed' in the clearing out......(or had been dematerialised!).
- Subsequent to getting permission to use them and actually making up our new Pearl essence, I discovered that the name Reta actually means Pearl!
- throughout the entire time, i was given physical, financial and emotional support from so many people, as well as many ancestors. To all involved, I offer my heartfelt thanks for the parts you played in this process! I am blessed and truly grateful....

I share with you this brief story as they were such beautiful synchronicities and a validation of the exquisite way in which the Divine operates through us and in our lives if we are willing to open up and allow it to flow. As one friend put it, "You really have to live what you teach!". Could it really be any other way?

The Elephants

You may be wondering about the elephant reference in the heading of this newsletter, and yes, it does have a deeper meaning that is relevant to our current time. My usual way of approaching the newsletters is to ensure that all website updates and links are in place, and then I sit with the 'energy' of the moment in order to share some meaningful insights in my personal introduction. So, on Friday night as I drifted off to sleep, I asked Big Jules (my Higher Self) for some input and woke up with a kind of dream/vision yesterday morning that was very simple and yet very powerful. The vision was this :

I was watching an enormous heard of elephants slilently walking, one after the other, out of the bush and making their way onto a motorway (or highway, depending on your terminology).

That was it. The meaning in it is, however, very profound.

Personally, I love elephants, and having lived in South Africa for so many years had many experiences in the bush with elephants (stories for another time). Two things I can tell you is that for such a huge animal, they are not only very quiet, they also camouflage extremely well in the african bush. Within seconds of one of these enormous mammals wandering in amongst the thorn trees, you would be hard-pressed to find them. These qualities are also significant in respect of the meaning of the vision, but first I want to share with you some further insight.

Peter Tumminello, author of the book 'Twelve Jewels' indicates that the elephant is a powerful 'diamond totem'. He has this to say:

"The elephant is the principal animal signature for Diamond. In indian religious tradition there is the elephant God, Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles. So it is in the symbology of Diamond. In addition, there are many other classic elephant symbologies that relate to Diamond : victory, perseverence, strength, will power, strength of sacred wisdom, invincible might, higher wisdom, higher learning, teaching and understanding, success."

Elephants are also matriarchal (symbolic of the Divine Mother principal and the emergence of the feminine).

So, in summary, the vision has particular relevance with the stage we are in on our diamond journey - not just for me personally, but for all evolving 'diamond souls' who are an aspect of this expanding diamond grid. The elephants emerging from the bush are symbolic of us emerging from the many years of inner work, into the greater light of our collective diamonds and the divine feminine.
Elephants in the bush = the hidden feminine, inner transformation, connecting with our inner essence, developing trust and strength, obstacles.
Elephants on the motorway = the rise and visibility of the matriarchal principle, spiritual success, elevating the consciousness of divine feminine, ease of journeying forward, divine flow, opening up of a new paradigm.

This simple vision holds within it a wealth of wisdom about where we have come 'from' and where we are now going. It is is positive message of hope and of not giving up, for the clear road is now within our sights. Other teachers have been sharing a similar message albeit in different language.

The gifts to us during May are to establish and recalibrate to a higher level of balance and harmony, to rest and strengthen emotional stability in preparation for a surge forwards. In our alignment with the Divine Flow, we will move forward with greater ease. In our embodiment of the diamond strength, we provide the foundations and support for the next phase of our journey as well as for those beginning to plug back in to the diamond or Divine matrix.

(Also see the reference to Carl Boudreaux's astrology below as it confirms the energies of this month!)

28 May Gathering

Our first Diamond Light gathering following the Celestial events and potent energy  influxes of April is on 28 May! The day is perfect for the emotional body purification and energetic recalibration into a space of deeper inner peace and calm. Carl Boudreaux in his monthly astrological forecast for May, indicates that this month influences us towards greater balance and stability - so the birthing of the Pearl vibrational essence (see New Product below), as well as the guidance to use the pearlescent frequencies for our 28 May event are absolutely perfect for this time!

I do hope you will join us for the special occasion and share the information with your friends!

Please find the supporting information and registration details for 28 May on the website

Let's open new doorways into greater, more expanded beingness and trust in our own Higher Authority.

In peace

New Diamond Light Grid Practitioners!

I am delighted to share with you our latest Diamond Light Grid Practitioner news and qualifications as our community continues to expand in beautiful ways :

Congratulatios to Pauline Richards - Cumbria (DLG Practioner Level 1 and 2)

We also have two practitioners who have successfully completed their case studies for the Level 3 Practitioner. This enables them to offer both the Diamond Ancestral Timeleine Healing as well as Soul Retrieval sessions! I am thrilled to introduce our first two new DLG Level 3 Practitioners:

Irene Smith - Glasgow, Scotland
Marina Ramsden - Cumbria

In addition, we had an amazing validation via another practitioner client in Manchester to the effect that, "The diamond literally changed my life". That is the magnificence of your own diamond Self brought to 'life'. Also see the special testimonial below.

All Practitioner details can be found on my website here. Why not try a session for yourself?
Special Diamond Light Grid Testimonial

The following fabulous testimonial was received this month from a client of Patricia Wiggett, one of our DLG Practitioners in the UK. Patricia has incorporated the Diamond Light Grid processes into all of her healing work and has been doing so for a number of years now.

My name is Lynne Akers and I am a holistic tutor practicing at The Tree Room Colchester. Once a month I run a spiritual group. On Friday 25th April Pat Wiggett very kindly came along to show my little group her Diamond Light Healing and she asked me to be her  "body ". I gladly accepted and Pat began the Diamond process.
I have been deaf in my right ear for over nine years after a head trauma, but during the healing I suddenly felt heat to the  injury sites on the right side of my face. I heard a ringing in my ear and I could suddenly hear bird song from outside very clearly. I was amazed and had to tell everyone at once. I was really lost for words after the treatment , which is not like me.I was astounded at the difference in my hearing. I continue to have hearing in the ear.
 I am a holistic tutor and taught a lively class of 6 women on the Saturday after the healing and did not have to say pardon or lip read all day !!!!  I am ever grateful to Pat.
 (Lynne Akers, 29 April 2014)

Well done Pat!
New - Pearl Vibrational Essence!

One of the beautiful creations that was born through the eclipses and Cardinal Grand Cross of April, is a new 'Goddess' gem essence with Pearl at its heart. Indeed, the qualities of Pearl assist in promoting emotional balance, harmony and purifying our emotional bodies. It is a wonderful gift that enables us to stabilise our new foundations and to begin 'rolling out' the blueprints for a new way of being.

Pearls themselves are 'born' out of irritation within the oyster shells, and they represent beauty and purity. Pearl is known as the oldest 'gemstone' in the world, and no other gem has captivated our fascination and admiration like the pearl. Diamonds may be forever, but pearls have been recognized as prized jewels for centuries longer than any cut stone. Almost all other gemstones are formed by mineral deposits that must be mined, cut, and polished to reveal their sparkling beauty. Pearls, on the other hand, are beautiful as they are - straight out of the mollusk. High quality pearls have an intense, brilliant luster and shiny iridescence that emanates from within the gem itself. For these reasons, pearls have become a symbol of purity and natural beauty.

The creation of Diamond Light World's Pearl vibrational essence came about as the result of a truly exquisite sequence of divine synchronicities, all linked with the new home I moved into in April. Waiting for me when I moved in were 2 beautiful, unset and unstrung lustrous pearls that had belonged to the lady who lived here (and who passed on last year in June!). Somehow the pearls had remained unfound in the bottom drawer of a jewellery box that had been left as part of the furnishings by the friend (the homeowner's daughter) who had provided me with this home. Interestingly, the 'deceased' homeowner's name was Rita - a name that I discovered literally means Pearl.

I will share the story of the gift of the pearls as part of the inspirational recording I will shortly be putting together - there were numerous aspects all part of the house move that have additional significance. In the meantime, this gentle and nurturing, healing essence is available now to purchase via the promotions page on the website where you can read more about the qualities of the essence itself -click here
Upcoming online events and in-person workshops!

1. The Magic of Colour - New online classes starting 21 May

Almost without exception, everyone who has taken the Magic of Colour journey has used the same expression, "I love these classes!". It is testament to the fact that when we do what we love, we inspire and communicate from soul. The Colour work is also an aspect of the Light Language of the diamond (think triangular facets & prisms!).
We have had novices as well as experienced healers and previous students of colour, all enjoying a new level of insight and transformation through this colour journey. This 'Language of Light' is an adventure into the real magic and energetic information in frequency and is a wonderful adjunct to all spiritual practices and forms of energy healing. Colour functions to assist in purifying your diamond body and deepens your understanding of self and others.
"I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody and look forward to now learning the Antaneea Technique with you. I have learned more about colour on your course than I did doing my advanced colour course at college!" Dee, UK

Diamond Light World's first collective energy event following the momentous energy shifts of April. Please join us for a healing recalibration on this side of the portals!

3. 5 June 2014 - An evening of enlightenment and sharing at the Seraphina Centre
I will be sharing insights into the purpose and functions of the Diamond as well as the amazing physical and energetic support offered by the Antaneea Technique. (I'll be sharing sone fun interactive stuff too!). Join us at 7 pm for tools to take your spiritual and healing journeys to the next level.
�10 at the door. Everyone welcome - bring along a couple of friends!

4. The Antaneea Technique  27 - 30 June (Manchester)

For those who have been asking about the next workshop, here it is! The fabulous bodywork process that uses a gentle combination of colour, sound, sacred geometry and massage to remove trauma from the body is a wonderful therapy to add to any practice. Loved by therapists and clients alike, this is likely to be the only workshop I will be running in the Uk this year. Not to be missed!!

This one day workshop connects you with the beauty and power of your own special Diamond Grid of Light, a vital component of your enhanced subtle energy system for keeping pace with the accelerating shift. Your activation of your personal grid of light brings your life and purpose into clarity like never before! For booking and details click here.

Special links of interest to stimulate mind and heart

1.  Spiritual Nomad by Lisa Renee
This article landed in my email the day after I had to leave my previous home without knowing where I would be going - the synhcronicity and pertinence of the information caused a great inner smile despite the 'seeming' chaos of events. A real must read that I am sure many of you will resonate with!

2.Collective Manifestation : Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community (by Melissa Wadsworth)
Melissa and I shared some inspiring conversation this past month in respect of her work, her new book and the concepts of heart-centred communities. We, at Diamond Light World are a vital link in the evolving network of heart-based communities, as we continue to embed and anchor the diamond grid of light. Melissa's fabulous and timely new book is ready for publication and wider dissemination - if you would like to hear more about her project and perhaps lend a helping hand with her fundraising to get the book and the blueprints out there, please visit her community page here

3. Sarah Varcas current Astrological Insights

I am always amazed by the astuteness and deep insights provided by Sarah Varcas as she shines her guiding light on the astrological influences we are dealing with. There's some great stuff in her 2 most recent blog posts covering the effects of the 14 May full moon.

4.  Overwhelming the Illusion : post by Zen Gardner

I enjoyed this recent post by Zen Gardner - positive, powerful, down to earth and of higher consciousness. Love the pic too.....

5.  Some Recommended Reading this month

Being without a decent internet connection for a couple of weeks over the house move gave me a great opportunity to catch up with some reading, so I have a couple of recommendations for you that I found a particular resonance with.

1. Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinemar and Peter Moon
This is the first of a series of fascinating books that read like a novel, however are based on real events that have taken place in Romania. Ordinarily I would never have looked at a book with such a title, however, it was suggested to me and after the first chapter or so of Radu Cinemar's story, I was hooked. There is a real resonance of truth in the information and the individuals I have recommended it to since then have found the same. It makes for fascinating reading along with impartation of simple and profound spiritual truths. A good read (as well as the follow up books)

2. The Shaman's Last Apprentice by Rebekah Shaman
This is a wonderful tale of vision, commitment and trust which led the author to a traditional indigenous shaman deep in the heart of the amazon to become his apprentice. For me, the story highlighted the question of destiny vs free will and how, when one listens and follows the calling of the soul our destiny unfolds in mysterious and magical ways. Moving beyond the egoic understanding of free will, we come to understand that ultimately to respond to the soul's calling is the only real choice we can make in order to live a truly fulfilled life.

3. Journey to the Dark Goddess by Jane Meredith
A powerful story of strength, surrender, healing and deep transformation through coming face to face with our own inner teacher. The power unleashed through meeting and working with the dark goddess is palpable in Jane's own journey.
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