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New Applications!
Between this month and last month, we've added several applications. See if yours is on the list, more coming soon!

I6 - 232, 242, 258
V8 - 304, 360, 410

Cummins Diesel

289, 302, 351
I6 - 240, 300
Modular V8

General Motors
3rd Gen I6

V8 - 318, 340, 360
Gen III Hemi
Project Vehicles
Krawler's Edge - TOP SECRET!
Our first project we'll have to call 007. Like the famous spy, details on this build are classified. However, on November 5th (we'll let you google which big event happens on that day) everything will be revealed! Don't worry, after holding in a secret for that long, on November 5th, we'll make sure everyone knows! Meanwhile, check out Krawler's Edge. They make some great products!
Cover Photo - 1991 Dodge W20
Don Scott with the National Biodiesel Board owns the very first documented truck to run on biodiesel in the USA and the very first to run on soy-based biodiesel in the world! Thanks to the research done with this truck at the University of Missouri, an industry that now supports 64,000 US jobs and reduced 143 million tons of CO2 emissions was born! So, needless to say, this is a truck worth preserving! The TR-4050 fit right in with the Cummins Diesel. Learn more about the truck, see photos and more on our website.
First Gen Ford Bronco
You won't want to miss an episode of the newest season of "Brand New Muscle Car." However, you may have noticed, despite the name of the show, the horse in the logo isn't a Mustang!

This season the guys at BNMC are building a 1st Gen Bronco. We'll announce air dates and more later, but in the meantime, enjoy the behind the scenes updates many of which are posted on our website.
1964 International Scout 80
Trenton McGee, an author with the Motor Trend Network, is building a 1964 International Scout 80 4x4 to take on the 2019 Ultimate Adventure. A transmission that could take the long haul and still climb all the rocks was in order! The TREMEC TR-4050 was a perfect match. See photos and read more on our website.
Tech Corner
Off-Road Gearing - Simplified
If you've ever researched gearing, you might have found what we found: lots of misinformation in the forums, complicated explanations, and no one complete source with everything you needed. Well, we like to make our tech articles as simple and straight-forward as can be. We even drew a few images to illustrate our point. So, if you've ever wondered how you can improve your Crawl Ratio or if you simply wondered what a Crawl Ratio was... our new tech article will help you find what you're looking for!
Partner Companies
We've partnered with a few companies to make the TREMEC TR-4050 accessible to as many applications as possible. They are the ones who've helped us expand our list above so quickly.
Advance Adapters
Bellhousing & Transfer Case Adapters
We've partnered with Advance Adapters to support TJ Jeep Wranglers and Chevy engine applications (BB, SB, & LS).

Axis Industries
Bellhousing & Transfer Case Adapters
Axis Industries helped us expand to Land Rover with the LT230 transfer case adapter and to Cummins R2.8 Diesel engines as well as LS engines.

Quick Draw Brand
Quick Draw Brand Bellhousings are bullet proof and owner Chad McKinney has the youtube videos to prove it. So far, he's designed bellhousings for the following applications: Chevrolet BBC, SBC, and LS; Cummins 2.8, 4bt, 6bt, and Cummins Nissan 5.0; Ford Coyote 5.0; 6.4 Hemi; and any SAE 3 Flywheel.

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