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The Authentic Tapestry of Vermont 
November 2019
Kay joins me in wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

Take the Cannoli...
Just ten minutes away Edwards Market is our guest's "go to" for the necessary essentials... Those are homemade cannolis!
It's Nice to Know...
On the outskirts of Wells this couple sells their crops in a tiny farm stand on a dirt road... We buy a lot of thier produce!
Taco Experiment...
Open since July I'd argue it's a great experiment! They've sold over 25,000 tacos... Last Friday the restaurant was packed!
Word of Mouth & Best New Finds...
Donuts That Are Worth The Drive!
We couldn't wait... look at the size of this Glazed Donut ! We bought an assorted dozen – this emerged as the most photogenic and one we had to eat! Can donuts be magnificent? This one was...
Celebrate With Shacksbury Cider
A hidden charcuterie board, crudités, Vermont artisan cheeses, and Shacksbury hard cider is complete with Sunday afternoon football... at Pond Mountain Inn.
West Main Grill at Edwards Market
Sometimes you just don't feel like driving to Dorset or Manchester for dinner. It's nice when you find a great local alternative, and we have! Next time you're here consider dining at The West Main Grill...
Discover The Convenience of the Perfect Location… 
King Bakery Donut Cart
We were told to get there early, and we did, only to find 14 people ahead of us with the same idea. It was a refreshing 32° and felt like the Seinfeld Soup Nazi episode as we waited 20 minutes for our turn. Then, Kay sprang into action as I watched a team of 3-4 ferrying donuts to the cart. An experience that we’ll never forget! And, it was beautiful early Sunday morning drive… Only open Sunday.
Featured in Yankee Magazine... Poorhouse Pies Underhill, Vermont
We drove two hours to serve ourselves in this tiny pie shack ! But we wanted more… We walked fifty feet hoping to meet the owners and to see where the pies were made. In the side door of this tiny yellow farmhouse we entered a correspondingly tiny commercial kitchen that was barely enough space to accommodate the owners. Paula and Jamie told us that on holiday weekends they make about 120 pies and always sell out. The three of us bought 6-7 pies and had a pie tasting a few days later! We loved this little slice of Vermont life!
Thanksgiving & Stonewood Farm • Orwell, Vermont
Arriving unannounced at Stonewood Farm, Peter Stone graciously hosted us for forty-five minutes in the midst of his busiest time of the year! Stonewood Farm raises over 34,000 turkeys annually on over eight hundred acres. Kay posed for this photo while we were serenaded by no fewer than 8,000 turkeys – absolutely hilarious! We’ve been to our fair share of Vermont farms over the last three years and with only one other exception this was cleanest farm we’ve ever visited!
Artisan Bread at Shelburne Farms...
Why have a mass-produced store-bought loaf of bread with upwards of twenty hard-to-pronounce ingredients when you can have delicious hand-crafted artisan bread with no more than five. It's hard to find good bread, and it's especially difficult in Vermont, but it's possible! We found the best artisan bread in Dorset, Vermont, Bad Seed Baking . And, she makes the best bagels too!
Next Time You're Here on a Tuesday... Let's go to the Livestock Auction!
Tell me this wouldn't be great fun! We have never inquired, nor do we know anything about this, but if nothing else it'll be a great story! Next time you're here on a Tuesday let's go!
 Winter Preparation...
Stacked in the garage, it measures 4'x18'x5' or 360 cubic feet. That's approximately 70 million BTUs! That should take us through most of the winter... Maybe through March!?!?
The Homelight Killington Cup • November 29 – December 1, 2019
We're going this Thanksgiving weekend at Killington Ski Resort for the HomeLight Killington Cup for a celebration of the history and passion for alpine ski racing here in the Northeast. Watch the fastest female ski racers in Slalom and Giant Slalom battle for the top prize on the signature Superstar trail! Join us – we still have room at the inn!
A Subtle Vermont Hint... The Holidays Will Soon Be Here!
Thanksgiving & Christmas in New England – we have it all in Vermont! Historic Dickensian charm of quintessential Vermont villages, horse drawn sleigh rides beneath snow-capped mountains and snow-covered pines, magical rustic ambience of Vermont’s famous covered bridges and so much more – don’t miss out on New England’s most charming holiday traditions!
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