Off the Pres at FPC | E- ! nfo Letter | October 16, 2019
Events and Announcements in the Church and in the Community
For the Week Coming Up

Another full schedule for the people of First Pres. And this Sunday we can enjoy a treat we look forward to each month: The Praise Choir leading music in worship with all those instruments and lively songs. Come raise your voices and your hands this Sunday at 10:oo!

This is the week coming up. Remember to sit down with your calendar and this email and plug these things in!  

Many Blessings!

The 3-week series will conclude this week, October 20 at 8:45am in Room 215 

Join us for the final discussion of our 3-week series exploring: Creation Stories: Myths, Facts, Truths.  We began a few weeks ago with Jon Powell speaking about the bible's creation narrative(s) from the perspective of both modern and historical science. Next we explored the biblical text in Genesis 2 and 3 with some focus on the significant role Eve plays in that story. We'll continue that discussion and sample some narrative encounters from Native sources led by Cortland Hopkins of the Native Inter-Varsity program at FLC and David Shew, our Director of Administrative Ministry. Please come!
Issues with Sunday Morning Digital Media
Dear Church Family,

Technology is so wonderful isn’t it. It’s wonderful right up to the point that it’s not! As of late we’ve been having some technological struggles in our Sanctuary and several of you have expressed concern. Our staff and worship team work hard to make sure Sunday mornings are as seamless as possible. And these last weeks we’ve been frustrated too. The problems we’ve experienced mostly are due to computer issues that should be resolved in the very near future. In the meantime we’d appreciate your patience as we address this. 
Additionally we have a new staff person, Nolan Stritchko, working our Audio Visual equipment. Please be sure to greet and warmly welcome Nolan. While Nolan is still learning some of the ins and outs of running our screens and sound and how our services are arranged he is quite capable. Nolan’s transition into the position unfortunately came a time when we really needed to replace some outdated equipment—please do not let these past few weeks of technological struggle be a reflection on him as he is working diligently to solve problems using old and finicky (to say the least) equipment.

We’re on it! And, hopefully these issues will be resolved in the next month!

Grace and Peace,
Electing new Officers for 2020 and Beyond - The 2019 Nominating committee

  • Our congregation needs to fill 4 Elder slots and 5 Deacons slots for the Class of 2022. The names of those who were elected to this year's church officer nominating committee are:

  • Barb Conn, Moderator
  • Jo Fusco, Vice Moderator
  • Betty Ann Beauregard
  • Marie Davidson
  • Kent Norgren
  • Cathy Jones
  • Heather Lundquist
  • Gay Kiene
  • and Pastor Beau, Ex Officio

If you have a suggestion of someone who would be interested in serving on Session or on the Board of Deacons please contact someone on the Nominating Committee. To understand the responsibilities of serving as an officer in our church , click here.

Employment Opportunity - Financial Officer

Kat Katsos
Final day on staff: Oct. 31

Staff transitions are always challenging and this one is no exception. After we learned that Kat Katsos soon will be leaving our staff we elected to move quickly to find her replacement. The job description and application form are on our website in the "News" section. See the adjacent Want-ad for more details.
Light Up the Night on Halloween Night
We’re in Need of Candy, Gallons of Cider and Volunteers!!!

Hey FPC Folks. Each Year we host
Light Up the Night on Halloween Night

handing out Halloween candy and cider drinks to children as they trick-or-treat up and down 3 rd  Avenue. This year it's going to be awesome!   We need volunteers to help sort and bag the candy after the Sunday service on October 27. Also, we could sure use help setting up our Halloween display in Westminster on Wednesday October 30 and Thursday October 31 and taking it down on Friday November 1. Come help make "Light Up The Night" a fun, welcoming experience for the hundreds of kids that visit us! For more information, please contact Jon Powell, 970 946-4628. Or Click here for Jon's email

   Please bring candy and cider donations to the church office during the week or to Westminster Hall the next two Sunday s

A New Adult Series for our Sunday School Class
A week from Sunday, October 27, we will start a new book study called Jesus Outside the Lines, a way forward for those who are tired of taking sides , written by Presbyterian Pastor Scott Sauls. Susanna Oehlke will begin leading the study and copies of the book will be available.

Jesus offers us a way forward - away from harshness, caricatures, and stereotypes.
As quoted on the back of the book:
"Weary of Us Against Them?  Whether the issue of the day on Twitter, Facebook, the blogosphere, or cable news is our sexuality, political divides, or the perceived conflict between faith and reason, we are often drawn into a frustrating clash between two opposing sides. Polarizing, us-against-them discussions divide us and distract us from thinking clearly and communicating lovingly with others. Scott Sauls, like many of us, is weary of the unnecessary divides and is seeking a way of truth and beauty through the conflicts, Jesus Outside the Lines presents Jesus as this way. Drawing from the words and actions of Jesus, Scott shows us how we can hold firmly to our beliefs without perpetuating divisiveness."
Try Presbyterians Today

Reading this monthly magazine always makes local congregations feel like they are part of something much bigger than themselves. And we ARE!
In the Community

Viva la Difference!
He and She
Saturday October 26, 2019 7:00pm
One of our most popular concerts of the season, He and She showcases the Durango Women’s Choir and the Fort Lewis College Men’s Choir as we offer our audience music from every corner of the musical universe. Our traditional musical battle of the sexes will feature music ranging from chant to Broadway. Come laugh, sigh, and revel in the beauty and joy....
St. Mark's Episcopal Church 910 E. 3rd Ave., Durango, CO 81301

Concerns in the Spotlight

In an effort to blanket the caring needs of the congregation as thoroughly as possible we once again want to highlight this ongoing and vital activity at FPC.

The Prayer Chain is a "Real Time" ministry of over two dozen loyal parishioners who band together to keep prayers going for persons and situations affecting people's' lives. Any prayer request remains confidential within that group unless you give us permission to communicate your request to the congregation.
A redesigned "Prayer Request" form will be in our pews starting in November. Your written requests first will be mentioned in the Prayers of the People. Then we will send them on to the Prayer Chain and/or the Church Office depending on how you want others to join you in prayer.

Remember: Prayer is POWERFUL and WORKS!
October is Pastor Appreciation Month
 The Many Faces of Pastor Beau Over the Years

Leave your appreciation cards
at the ushers' stations
at church all month

Pastor Appreciation Reception
Sunday, November 3
during Coffee Hour
Contact Barb Conn to help