Off the Pres at FPC | E- ! nfo Letter | September 11, 2019
Events and Announcements in the Church and in the Community
For the Week Coming Up
First Pres Membership is AWESOME!  And we know there’s a good group of potential new members out there. That’s why we will NOT hold classes for New Members this month . Illogical? Not if you see it this way: We don’t want our church to become a “Never the Twain Shall Meet” church where long-timers and new-comers don’t have oodles of opportunities to bump shoulders and talk. So instead of competing on Sunday mornings with Adult Sunday School and later the Women’s Retreat and Better Together events (see below) we want Pastor Beau’s “Presbyterianism” for Presbyterians and Not-So-Presbyterians class (which somewhat mistakenly has been called the N ew Members Class ) to be held when BOTH groups can attend together. We haven’t figured out those dates yet but, when we do, make sure you ALL consider joining in.  Mixing it up is what Jesus did. Why not a little more mixing it up in church, too?

So now, this is the week (and then some) that will be. (Remember to sit down with your calendar and this email and plug these things in!).

Many Blessings!

NO Classes in September
As described above, “Presbyterianism” for Presbyterians and Not-So-Presbyterians is postponed until later this fall when everyone has a chance to attend together. Dates TBA

Sikonge Report
Adult Sunday School this week, September 15. 8:45am Rm 215
Doctors Bill and Peggy Hoffman have been working in the villages of Western Tanzania for 20 years. Originally asked to develop a comprehensive AIDS program that included orphan care, their work morphed to include the construction of wells and churches. They have also provided educational assistance most recently with the Sikonge Special Needs School, which is supported by FPCD.

Confirmation Class!
Wow! What a crowd of MIDDLE SCHOOLERS (PLUS A FEW) who started attending last Sunday. The class meets from 9:00-9:50am in Rm 213. These classes will run weekly until the Thanksgiving Break. What a great turnout! Are there any more?
Upcoming Memorial Service
for Louise White
The service is scheduled for Thursday, September 19 at noon. It will take place at the First Presbyterian Church.

Louise was a beloved member of our community. To read her obituary click here
Women's Retreat Registration a SUCCESS!

All the slots for our retreat at SonLight Camp in Pagosa (Sept 20-22) have been booked! If you haven't paid, please do so. For payment information click here

Join the Choir! Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm
The adult choir has begun our new season and we need you to join us especially altos and sopranos. We practice on Thursday nights at 7 in the Sanctuary and again Sunday morning before the service. If you like to sing you’ll fit right in because we do too! It’s not necessary to read music. Believe it or not, most of us aren’t really good at that either. We have great fellowship and fun each week and we need new voices. The more the merrier. We look forward to seeing some new faces this week and beyond so come and see what we’re up to! The choir leads us in worship on Sundays (although not on Praise Choir Sundays like this one coming up).

Keys Please
If you have keys to the church and no longer need or use them, we are down to the last 2-3 copies (we had fifty made 5 years ago).  Users are waiting for their temporary keys for upcoming events in our building. Please return any you aren't using to the office as soon as possible.

Thanks so much to all of you!

We've Updated our Pictorial Directory to Include our New Staff
With new staff on board and some membership changes, we have printed A FEW new pictorial directories. Black and White copies are available at no cost and colored copies for a small fee. See the table in Westminster Hall to pick up your copy.
In the Community

ACROSS THE CHANNEL. This musical excursion features Jeffrey Noonan, theorbo and Baroque guitar; Sarah Biber, gamba; and Brandon Christensen, violin, performing Baroque music on period instruments. The concert focuses on works written for the courts of Louis XIV of France and Charles II in England and offers the sounds of an intimate chamber concert from the 17 th century. 
Concerns in the Spotlight
Prayers for Seekers and Wanderers

We have had larger than usual numbers of families and folks seeking assistance coming to our office. Thank goodness we have referral resources to offer or pass along including our Deacons Emergency Fund. Also, with such a large number of confirmands and potential new members (seekers? wanderers? probably a little of both) and others who cross our paths let us ask for God's blessing on them all.

Prayer is POWERFUL and WORKS!


We have a friend of our congregation in need of a Respite Care Worker for her daughter. She’s looking for occasional breaks as she is the primary care giver and her daughter has some needs that require supervision. No physically demanding work necessary, just supervision. Please contact Pastor Beau at if you are interested in more information. 

October 6 9:30am to 2:00pm is our next BETTER TOGETHER Event
We will join the St. Francis Day Blessing of the Animals offered through St. Mark's Episcopal Church on this October Sunday in Rotary Park. We're in charge of the ANIMAL SERVICES EXPO to help promote better and more visible services aimed at the animals and pets living with us and surrounding us here in Durango. A dedicated group of FPC members are WORKING THEIR TAILS OFF to get ready! Let the office know if you are able to SIGN UP TO HELP! WE NEED YOUR IDEAS AND ENERGY! Our next BT working session is on Saturday, September 14 at 1:30pm.