Off the Pres at FPC | E- ! nfo Letter | October 9, 2019
Events and Announcements in the Church and in the Community
For the Week Coming Up

Of course we are going to say that last Sunday's BETTER TOGETHER was a humongous success. But here's what really happened:

  • Some say over 150 people and 60 pets attended (others say 120 and 40, but who's counting?)
  • There was plenty of food
  • The "Staff T-shirts" were funny (and so was Beau's clerical collar)
  • Every pet was "Sprinkled" with Animas River water for being at the Animal Blessing
  • We all learned that St. Francis of Assisi was a cool guy!
  • Some parting SHOTS to the side and below! (And CLICK HERE for the entire gallery from both churches)

This Sunday: Our Adult Class Continues

Join us for the next class in our 3-part series next Sunday on October 13 at 8:45am in Room 215. David Shew, Cortland Hopkins and others will lead the discussion as we explore  Creation Stories: Myths, Facts, Truths.  The biblical text and a sampling of narrative encounters from Native sources will be part of the discussion.   Please come!

Second Sunday Supper - This Sunday!

Our next Second Sunday Supper is this Sunday, Oct. 13 at 5:30pm. These Potluck Suppers are an opportunity to better get to know others in the church.  There will be no program. Instead participants will eat in small groups of 5 or 6 people. As you eat you’ll be asked to share a bit of your life story and your faith journey based on a couple of question chosen by the leaders. The whole point of these dinners is to build a stronger sense of community (koinonia). Bring a main dish, a salad, a side dish, or a dessert. Everyone is welcome: young and old, singles and families (children included), long-time members and first-time visitors. We’ll conclude by 7:00pm.
There will be a sign up sheet in Westminster to help estimate the number of diners. The next Second Sunday Supper will be on November 10.  
Light Up the Night on Halloween Night

We’re in Need of Candy, Gallons of Cider and Volunteers!!!

Hey FPC Folks. Each Year we host
Light Up the Night on Halloween Night
handing out Halloween candy and cider drinks to children as they trick-or-treat up and down 3 rd  Avenue. This year it's going to be awesome!   We need volunteers to help sort and bag the candy at 10am on Wednesday October 23. Also, we could sure use help setting up our Halloween display in Westminster on Wednesday October 30 and Thursday October 31 and taking it down on Friday November 1. Come help make "Light Up The Night" a fun, welcoming experience for the hundreds of kids that visit us! For more information, please contact Jon Powell, 970 946-4628. Or Click here for Jon's email
   Please bring candy donations to the church office during the week or to Westminster Hall the next two Sunday s
Confirmation Class!
Our MIDDLE SCHOOLERS (PLUS A FEW) are focusing on "Life's Big Questions" with the goal of joining into church membership (or not! The point of the class is more about discernment than decision) near the end of the year. The class meets from 9:00-9:50am in Rm 213 every Sunday morning and is being coordinated and led by the Rev. Bill Postler. Keep them in your prayers on this exciting journey!
Try Presbyterians Today

Reading this monthly magazine always makes local congregations feel like they are part of something much bigger than themselves. And we ARE!
We've Updated our Pictorial Directory to Include our New Staff
With new staff on board and some membership changes, we have printed A FEW new pictorial directories. Black and White copies are available at no cost and colored copies for a small fee. See the table in Westminster Hall to pick up your copy.
In the Community

From Bill Hoffman: "I am writing because I saw an article in "the Herald" about the need for the community to clean up a rogue campsite for those who are homeless located somewhere near the Tech Center. The La Plata County Sheriff's Department has moved the location of the camp - and the people - peacefully, but the Department does not have the resources to actually clean up the site. Could we organize some volunteers? It would certainly demonstrate to Durango First Presbyterian's commitment to the community.
Peg and I will be here until mid November and would be happy to join the congregation in this effort." For more information, contact Bill Hoffman.

Concerns in the Spotlight

The Prayer Chain is a "Real Time" ministry of over two dozen loyal parishioners who band together to keep prayers going for persons and situations affecting people's' lives. Any prayer request remains confidential within that group unless you give us permission to communicate your request to the congregation.

A redesigned "Prayer Request" form will be in our pews each Sunday. Your written requests first will be mentioned in the Prayers of the People. Then we will send them on to the Prayer Chain and/or the Church Office depending on how you want others to join you in prayer.

Remember: Prayer is POWERFUL and WORKS!
Last Year's Fun

Don't You want to help SCARE people?!!

Contact Jon Powell, 970 946-4628