RECITAL:  Sunday, November 8th, Hard Rock Cafe
We're excited about next week's Fall Recital at the Hard Rock Cafe near Pike Place Market!
They have a great stage, great service and great food.  For more detailed information about the recital, or to sign-up for a slot, please follow this link.

Gathering pictures for everyone to enjoy . . . We will again be taking recital pictures and will also have our media release forms handy for you to sign.  We will also be gathering recital photos and videos from all our OTW students, family, and friends. Just upload your photos and (15-sec) videos to Instagram with #OTWRecital.  Longer videos can be uploaded to YouTube with the same hashtag.  If you don't upload to either of those places, email the pics and vids to and we'll be happy to take care of it.  When all the pictures are loaded, we'll share the link with you and we can relive the moment!
And, remember, come hungry and invite lots of your friends and family!  Feel free to linger and cheer on other students.  If you can't make it, keep up with all the fun by following our Instagram account!  This is gonna be FUN!
The school will be closed November 26th through November 29th for Thanksgiving Break.  Hope everyone has lots of fun and gets plenty full!  Click here for our list of holiday closures.
SCHEDULING:  Want a text reminder for your lessons?
As a reminder, we now offer sms text reminders for your lessons. Consent is required, so please either check the box on your Full Slate account or e-mail the school if you would like to add this feature.
#OTW SOCIAL:  School and Neighborhood Updates & Music Fun
Our band weeks have been popular.  We've had Beatles Week, Nirvana Week, and Pearl Jam Week.  What will be next?  Turkey Week?  Who knows, so just make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see what is going to be next and to also get the latest about school and neighborhood news, as well as some basic, fun music information!
BIRTHDAYS!  We love birthdays!
Dont' forget to wish our new guitar teacher Matt Williams big birthday wishes!  His birthday is on Saturday, November 21, but if you don't have a lesson with him that day, you can wish him well in the days before and after.  Anytime, really!
Please e-mail any questions, suggestions, or comments to us at:

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