Here's the LATEST from The Kitale Project!

#1) Be sure to pray for the 17 high school students and volunteers who are in Kenya now. They personally will meet the people who are doing the hard and holy work of reintegrating street children back into families. Pray for safe travels and life-changing experiences.

#2) Along with the most recent stats above, which show 160 children reintegrated to homes , I wanted to share a story from our director that shows the power of what church engagement in this process CAN look like:

We have a boy on campus who has a mother who is really struggling.
She was sick sometime back and had a problem with her legs that is slowly resolving. She was living in a one-room rental with herself and her children that her aunt owned. That one-room rental was not a good situation for the family, and our staff was struggling with the right place to take this boy. 

The mom is someone who would constantly move from one place to another, eventually unable to pay rent and forced to move to a new place all over again. This has been the environment this boy has grown up in and why he ended up on the streets. After visiting several times, we came to understand the lengths she was going to, were simply to better provide for her children.
During one of those visits our social worker happened to find this woman's pastor of the church she regularly attended. Our social worker shared with the pastor some of the challenges we were having with the family in finding a suitable home for the child, as the mom was constantly moving from one place to the next and never settled (photo on right) .

The pastor heard our social worker and,
on his own, approached the mother and
sat with her. The mom was able to share that she needed help to remain stable.
She had a piece of family property with the title deed, but no structure
was there. She needed help to build one. (We were unaware of this).

The pastor shared with the congregation, they did a fundraiser, and within
a week built her a small home on her own property! It was incredible.
Now the family has a place to call their own that doesn't charge rent and is suitable for them. The boy gets to go home for a weekend visit this coming weekend to see his new home and stay there with his family (photo below) .

THIS COULD CHANGE A LOT for this family, allowing the mom to be stable and settled and stop moving around so much due to not being able to pay rent and getting kicked out of several places.

THIS COULD BE A BIG DEAL in helping the boy settle at home and get back to school. We are so excited about the way God provided for this family. God is so good!
Dan Hamer - OCC Serve the World Pastor