FX Thunder H.O.G. E-Newsletter | February 2021
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With each day that passes we are another day closer to Spring and the Riding Season! We'll be using this time of year to plan out our adventures for 2021. And that helps get us through P.M.S. (aka Parked Motorcycle Syndrome).

The following is what was discussed at the February Get Together. The next Get Together will be on Saturday, March 6th, 10am at FX Caprara Harley-Davidson®.
Reminder About MTR
Those members who participated in the More Than Rewards/HOG Thunder Rewards program, the coupons you earned while the program was running will expire at the end of this month (February 28, 2021)!

You have until then to either come into the dealership and use them at the register, or give us a call and we can complete the transaction over the phone.

Unsure if you've got a coupon? You can always email Dawn and ask!
FX Thunder HOG Chapter Patches
Those members who requested Reflective, Silver and Tan Large & Small Chapter Rockers, those patches have been ordered.

For any member who wishes to get the Large or Small FX Thunder Chapter Rockers, they are available at the dealership.

Want to shop more H.O.G.® Merchandise? Check out the official store:
A New Year = Renewed Yearly & Chapter
Ride Challenges!
Ride 365 by H.O.G.®
A New Years means that the yearly and chapter mileage challenges begin again!

This year we will update your mileage on the 20th of each month. You can still report your mileage in person, through the Whats App, or by texting or emailing Dawn.

Whether it's an afternoon getaway or a transcontinental journey of a lifetime, every ride you take brings use closer together. Keep track of your lifetime & yearly mileage, because miles count.

H-D™ Visa cardmembers who are also qualifying H.O.G.® members get 1 point for each mile ridden on an H-D® Motorcycle. As if your ride wasn't rewarding enough. See Full Rules (PDF).

Regional Officer Connection - ROC
ROC is your opportunity to work with the H.O.G.® team to learn Best Practices, exchange ideas on rides and events, and discuss H.O.G. Chapter activities to make your chapter the best it can be.

Of course this year these sessions are online, and they'reare intended for chapter officers, H.O.G. Managers, and those members interested in becoming an officer in the future.

Space is limited so let Darryl or Dawn know as soon as possible if you'd like to attend!! Registration closes 14 days prior to each session. The dates & times are:
  • Wednesday, 2/24 at 6pm
  • Wednesday, 317 at 6pm
  • Tuesday, 3/23 at 6pm
From 2017 HOG Officer Training (H.O.T.) in Rochester, NY.
L to R: Steve, Sydney, Anne, John, Dawn, Jodi & Dave
2021 Chapter Rides
The Picnic Rides we had last year were a success! So much so that for 2021 we want do it again and more of them. No specific dates or destinations set yet... That's why we're asking you now what your preferences are. Be sure to fill out the poll below (scroll all the way down to the bottom 😁).


One of our Day Rides that does have a date is our annual Fall Foliage Ride 🍁 That is set for Sunday, Sept. 12th with a rain date of Sept. 19th if needed.

The destination for our Fall Foliage Ride is still to be determined. Where would you like to go?

  • Thousand Islands Region: from Cape Vincent to Ogdensburg
  • Adirondack Mountains: Tupper Lake, Long Lake, Old Forge
  • Central New York: Oneida Lake, Ithaca, etc.
  • Central Valley: from Fort Drum to Booneville
  • Lakeside: from Sackets Harbor to Oswego

Pick from one of the five, then email Dawn (dawn@fxharley.com) to let her know.
Overnight Trip to Gettysburg, PA:
July 8-11
Join us for a historic adventure as FX Thunder H.O.G.® will make our way to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for this year's Overnight Ride. Some of the attractions while there will be:

Our Director Darryl & Activities Officer Jodi have been looking into hotels in the area, and we're planning on riding down on Thursday, July 8th. We haven't set anything 'in stone' as yet, however we will be making more definite plans in the months to come.

What we're interested in knowing now is who is interested in going on this trip. Members can bring a guest - that's perfectly fine (even if they don't ride a Harley or aren't a H.O.G. Member)!

Wanna ride with us on this trip?? Just let us know by email or through the WhatsApp.
Regional H.O.G.® Rally
Our Regional Rally is the Reflections
H.O.G. ® Rally taking place in Lake Placid, NY starting August 26th through the 28th.

Whether or not you've attended a HOG Rally in the past, you just might want to put this on your 'to-do' list.

Renew friendships and/or develop new ones as you ride along the Ausable River taking in the scenery. You'll visit such memorable sites such as Whiteface Mountain, Crown Point and Fort Ticonderoga. Walk along the lakeside stopping in the cute boutiques and specialty shops, plus there's lots to choose from at the many restaurants in the area.

The rally committee is also asking our chapter to host a ride from Lake Placid to the Dealership and then taking a different route back to Lake Placid. No date set yet, but if you're interested in leading or helping out on this ride, please let us know.

All this makes for a memorable weekend that you will reflect upon for years to come! (See what they did there?? lol)

Click on the link to register for the rally, which also has a link to secure your lodging (at a pretty good discount) if you'd like to stay in the area. Remember, the price you're seeing will be the price of the room times the number of night(s) you're staying, before any taxes. There is also a deposit required to hold your room, however you may cancel anytime up to August 4th for a full refund.

Of course feel free to look for your own deal as well! Nearby areas that might not be as expensive are:
  • Saranac Lake
  • Wilmington
  • Keene
  • Plattsburg
Please Take a Moment to Answer:
For our Picnic Rides this year, which days work best for you?
Any day that ends in "Y"!
FX Thunder H.O.G. on WhatsApp
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If you’d like to join the group, all you need to do is:
  • Go to your smart phone’s app store and search “Whats App Messaging” (look for their green phone logo) and install.
  • Once installed, open and start a chat with Dawn/Irish FXCHD (315-405-7939) -you might have to add her as a contact in your phone.
  • In the chat, let her know your name and that you’d like to join the FX Thunder H.O.G. Group.
  • You’ll see it once she’s added you, and then you’ll be able to reach everybody in just one text, pic, link or whatever else you’d like to share