Celebrating 12 Years of Marriage
Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches,  serving in our community,  and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Behind the Scenes
Since returning back from Christmas Break in the U.S. I have been working hard on all of the details for ministry in 2016.  We have over 600 short-term missionaries coming to serve in 2016!  This is close to double what we had in 2015.  These 600 missionaries make up 36 different groups of people, ministering over 23 different weeks. 15 staff are needed to help run these week long ministry trips.

Don't think I do this alone!  We have an amazing team of full-time staff working all over the U.S. to help prepare teams for ministry all over the world.  These past two weeks I've been in constant communication with Anna Morgan, who is PPM full-time staff as she relays the gifts, abilities, and skill sets of our 36 teams to me.  I work to match the U.S. teams with our local churches and pastors in Costa Rica to maximize ministry here.

At times I feel like an air-traffic controller with 100 airplanes in the air at once, navigating each to their final destination.  Yet the reward is unmeasurable!  Last week I met with a pastor and he was trying to convey to me how excited his church is to JOIN (not watch) the short-term missionaries as they expand the Gospel in Costa Rica in their own community.  Our US teams act as a catalyst, giving the local church in Costa Rica a boost that creates momentum for a great harvest!  

January 30th - February 5th I will be leading one of these ministry experiences with 24 missionaries serving in one location.  I wish you could see the joy, love, excitement, and selfless serving that takes place when missionaries come and serve on foreign soil!  Please join me in praying for a week full of anointed ministry!

Financial Update
We had a great month of increasing our Monthly Support to get us back towards being 100% funded.  Many of our previous Monthly Supporters raised their support, along with the addition of new supporters to our team!  We are so blessed and getting closer to being fully funded again!

If the Lord is putting it on your heart to invest as a Monthly Supporter in missions in Costa Rica,  you can donate by clicking here  Thank you so much for helping us to minister in Costa Rica! 
ONE TIME GIFTS:  We are required (and are BLESSED) to attend Praying Pelican Missions annual Spring Meetings in Florida.  This is a time when all of the staff gather to be trained, equipped, and encouraged! 

Laura and I have to be there a total of 9 days and every penny is covered for the two of us!  BUT, we can't leave our children alone in Costa Rica, so they are coming with us (that's a good thing, right?).  If you feel led to help cover the flight cost for our children, we would love for you to make a one-time donation by clicking here:  DONATE!

Darrell at YWAM
Three weeks ago we dropped Darrell off at YWAM in San Jose, Costa Rica!  Darrell is loving it!  (And probably loving being away from his little brothers and sisters too!)

So far, Darrell has done a lot of things!  Here are his words:

- Conquered a scavenger hunt in downtown San Jose 
- Still meeting more like-minded people from all over the world
- Figuring out why I'm here and what I got myself into lol (Not a bad thing)
- Utilizing my Spanish 
- Trying to get back in shape
- Learning to be more obedient- the answer to God is YES even when we have no idea what the plan is.
- Going over Sunday school stories.  "Sometimes old stories need to be retold to grasp what God is really saying"
- Learning to hear HIS voice more
-Amazing leaders, exhilarating speakers, and life changing people
-Excited and starving for more!

We couldn't be happier with where God has placed Darrell!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support for him!  
Keepin' Up with the Blog
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Before you judge me, let me explain.  Every night in Costa Rica we go to bed with dirty feet.  You see we usually wear sandals, Chacos and Crocs (don't judge me again).  Our floors get cleaned often, but we are not living in a land with sealed windows and plush carpet. Trust me, it doesn't [...] ...ยป

Christmas in the U.S.A.
We had a great time visiting in the U.S. over Christmas Break!  We were able to travel to Michigan, Ohio, and Delaware.  We were honored to be able to share our ministry experiences at New Jerusalem Christian Fellowship and Immanuel Church.  

Although our time was very short, we greatly enjoyed seeing those we were able to!  We were blessed to have our children play with their friends, see cousins, and even visit their old school.  Above all, it was great to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our families.  We also ate a lot of the foods that we have been missing.   For each of those we were able to see, thank you for creating that time for us!

Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi  & Isaiah Norman