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We are humbled by the efforts of team members who raise funds for their mission trip to Nicaragua. Car washes, baking cookies, sending out letters, Go Fund Me - the possibilities are endless. Here's a simple, yet VERY effective way to raise funds. By using a chart of 50 boxes, ask friends and family to adopt the dollar amount in each box. This one chart will raise almost $1,300!!
Johnson Ferry Christian Academy - Marietta, GA
At the beginning of each year, a team of students from Johnson Ferry Christian Academy in Marietta, GA start their year off with a Life-Changing Mission Experience in Nicaragua. This year they constructed a wall at our church in Marvin Salazar, a kitchen for a dear lady named Gabriela, a home for a single father of 4 in El Timal and an irrigation system for our church in Paradise. Most importantly, they were able to minister to hundreds of children and families on a personal level, sharing the Gospel of Christ.
Texas A&M University - College Station, TX
"I felt so loved this week!"
"The entire trip was so amazing, it’s hard to pick just one thing. But, if I had to choose, I would say doing door-to-door evangelism! I loved getting to interact with the people of Mount Sinai and get to know their stories. The CCM Staff made my team and I feel so loved this week! Thank you for all you do for us and for the people of Nicaragua! I can’t wait to come back!"

Grace Y - Philadelphia Sisters, Texas A&M
This is the 8th consecutive year for the team from Texas A&M University. Although team members come and go as they graduate, the mission remains the same - reach kids and families for Christ. This team was able to feed families at the dump, distribute 66 bags of food in the Mount Sinai community, build a home, latrine and provide beds for a family in desperate need, conduct VBS and Bible studies for hundreds of kids.
Christ Community Church Sports - St. Charles, IL
What happens when a team of gifted athletes from the Chicago area bring basketball skills and their commitment to Christ to the Leon area? More than a 100 kids come out excited and ready to learn everyday! After a full day of camp, they and their parents were eager to learn about having a relationship with Christ. The team was also able to hand out sports shoes, t-shirts, hats and more!
Christ Community Church Medical - St. Charles, IL
"Incredible, beyond words..."
"I am in medical school, and I have felt God's call to medical missions for a few years. This was my first experience being able to do this, and it was incredible beyond words. It was a blessing to work with you all!"

Alexandra - Christ Community Church
Our faithful partners from the Chicago area had an incredible trip with medical professionals, construction workers, moms, dads and more. In addition to the medical work for dozens of children and families, they were able to complete the Sunday School classroom and pastor's home in Square 91, go door-to-door praying, sharing their testimonies and conducting VBS.