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Little Known Grape in Unconventional Packaging  

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strada grillo     

This week's wine offer is straightforward and easy to like, very much like the wine.  The wine is refreshing, a great value, lightweight and brand new to the shop..  Lightweight you might ask?  How so?  Well, it comes in a Tetra Pak which holds 1 Liter versus a standard bottle that holds 750ml..  Much like the Yellow and Blue line which we sell a ton of, the grapes are organic and the packaging environmentally friendly.  Plus, this is the first Tetra Pak I've seen from the Old World, Sicily in this case, one of the most exciting wine regions right now.  I'm thrilled with this wine, especially with the weather we've been having.

Monte Bernardi Fuori Strada Grillo 2011 (Liter) - crisp racy acidity, citrus zest, scents of wildflowers, mineral undertones, light on its feet.  Perfect for casual summer gatherings where the food is light and maybe even healthy.

The wine sits on our shelves at $15.25 and the sale price is $13.50.  Remember, this is for a liter of wine, 1/3 more than a normal bottle.

Come by today or tomorrow after 5:30 (Wed 5/30 and Thu 5/31) to taste and take advantage of the sale price - the price goes back up to $15.25 on Friday.

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The Facts

Michael Schmelzer, winemaker for Monte Bernardi, set out to make wine in Italy after he fell in love with the terroir in Tuscany.  He makes Sangiovese there and produces our Grillo from organic grapes grown in Sicily.  He wanted fruit his children could eat straight from the vines with no fear of chemicals and the like.

Grillo is an ancient variety of grape that Julius Caesar apparently enjoyed in his favorite wine.  It grows best in the hot sun of Sicily and you rarely see it elsewhere.

And please get over the notion, if you've not already, that only cheap, bad wine comes in boxes or in bottles with screw caps.  It's totally untrue.  Most of the wine we buy is consumed immediately at home, as opposed to laying down in the cellar, so corks are just not necessary and only cause problems (cork taint).

grillo from sicily
Grillo vineyard. 
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