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Volume 13, Number 6 

June , 2018
May was a fairly busy month for me. I did five of my Excel webinars. I was also quite involved in the 2018 Top Ten Influencers in the Canadian Bookkeeping World program. This recognition program was co-sponsored by K2E Canada Inc. and Intuit Canada. We announced the winners at the Intuit's Get Connected Calgary conference last month.

This month is a little lighter for me, as I only have three webinars to do. However, I am now focused on plans for the 26th edition of the Accounting Technology seminar series, which will go coast to coast in October. This year we will have an exciting program with several new sponsors presenting their product line.  We already have 400 registrations so you would be well advised to register early.  To reserve your spot  CLICK HERE .
In 2018 we are continuing our "Road to Excellence" mini-webinars. You will find information on them below. Attend in person and earn 1 verified CPD credit when you answer 75% of the polling questions during the session. Every registrant will receive a link to the recorded webinar; so sign up today to ensure that you're on the list. All sessions begin at 12:00 pm ET. 
Tuesday June 19
K2's Road to Excellence with Excel Part 11 and Doc.It

Monday June 25

New for 2018 is our broad  curriculum of over 50 technology-focused CPD live webinars accessible from the comfort of your home or office and available for a remarkably low price. We invite you to explore our catalogue of  Live Webinars covering a wide range of topics including Mastering Advanced Excel Functions and Formulas and Top Excel Tips and Tricks.  

As usual, I welcome your comments at  alan@k2e.ca 

Alan Salmo n, FCPB


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Summing Visible Cells
Summary: There are times when you need to add just the visible cells in an Excel worksheet: 
The Sum function in Excel adds all of the cells in a column or row, even if the columns and rows are hidden. The solution to just adding the visible cells is to use the =SUBTOTAL function. 
Assume that you have a column of numbers in column A from A1:A100 and that some of the cells are hidden. 
To get the total for just the visible cells you would use the following formula:  
The formula only calculates the sum of the visible cells in the range.
ExcelTip2Quickly Inserting the Date into a Worksheet
Summary: There are many times when you need to insert today's date into a worksheet. Here is how to do this:
Select the cell where you want to enter today's date. Hold down the Ctrl key while you press the ; (Semi colon key) on your keyboard. Excel will enter today's date into the cell.  
ExcelTip3 Want to Automatically Sum a Column or a Row from the Keyboard? 
Summary: There are many different ways to sum a column or a row.Here is how to quickly do it from the keyboard:
Select the first empty cell at the bottom or to the right of the numbers you want to add.
  • Select ALT+"="
  • Press the Enter key
    The numbers will be summed.  

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WordTipHeaderWord Tip


WordForcing a Page Break Before a Paragraph
Summary: When you are creating a document, there may be certain paragraphs that should always begin at the top of a page. For instance you may have a certain paragraph format that you use for section headings.Your page design calls for all sections to begin at the top of a page. Here is how to do this:
  1. Position the insertion point in the section head paragraph.
  2. Check to make sure the Home tab of the Ribbon is selected.
  3. Click on the small icon at the bottom right of the Paragraph Group. Word will then display the Paragraph dialog box.
  4. Display the Line and Page Break tab.
  5. Make sure that the Page Break Before check box is selected.
  6. Click on OK.
Using page breaks before your section headers is even more automatic if you use a style for all your headers. To do this format the style so that the header will always have a page break before it. Once you do that, every time you use that heading style, Word will insert the Page Break.
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