February 2021

Reach4Life Office Expansion in Soweto
The need for a training room has arisen from the expanding ministry. Thandeka (Thandy) KaMavundla approached their Soweto office landlord and asked if there was a possibility for expansion. The rooms next to them were not being used, so he agreed to take down some walls to create a large room that will be 10.05 meters long (33 ft) by 6.34 meters wide (21 feet). The walls in the back office area will be adjustable so the floor plan can be changed as needed. They expect they will probably be able to train 50-60 people in the training room (more or less with or without Covid). There will also be a room with a table for small groups, and a small kitchenette with microwave, fridge, etc. to help during trainings. Thanks to your contributions, Prevention Time was able to fund this project. Ultimately it will save on the cost of renting outside venues for trainings. It is generating a lot of excitement among the team and it is fun to see the walls come down!
Event Updates!
The garage sale is uncertain due to Covid-19. On May 1 we’ll advise whether we will be able to do a sale. Please keep your non-clothing items until the week of the sale, and bring them directly to the school. No large furniture items, please, but smaller items like cribs, lamps, etc., are fine.

Online sales can be done for some items. Items need to be desirable by shoppers, and not too large or heavy. If you’re uncertain whether people are interested, go to ebay.com, and enter your item in the search bar. Click on the “Sold items” button on the left to see how much it’s selling for (You need to be logged in with an Ebay userid to see sold items.) Or you can call or email us. If you have larger desirable items that are in excellent shape and have value (almost new bikes, lawnmower, or whatever), we might be able to sell them on Craigslist or Offerup. No furniture items for this venue, either, please. Please contact us for info.

Summer “Fundrive” Clothing Drive – will be May 1 through Nov 14. Our partner, Savers, has asked that we not bring in badly torn or stained clothes, so we will just be looking for gently used clothes, shoes, purses, belts, backpacks, bedding (no pillows, area rugs, or stuffed animals). During the drive, contributions can be dropped on the covered porch or call 253-946-5953 to arrange a time to drop off larger amounts.
Fall Auction 2021 - We will be having another online auction, from October 2 through midnight on October 9. If you have new items or gift cards to donate, please contact us

Mission Trip 2021 - South Africa doesn’t expect to have many Covid vaccines available to the general public in 2021, so we will be postponing the trip until (hopefully) sometime next year. If you are not part of the current team that is pending and are interested, please let us know.

These events have been updated on our "events" website page. Also, our 2020 tax filing can be viewed here and on our donate page.
New Launch Planned for Limpopo
This is a hard province to bring the gospel to as it is the capital of the ZCC (the Zion Christian Church), which mixes ancestral worship with a bit of the Bible. The launch of the R4L program here is huge to those who are believers and who would love to share the gospel with others. Relation-ships are being built with the local traditional leaders as the program seeks to serve in their schools and communities. Hilda (far right) made an inquiry about the program in 2019. The plan was to launch in 2020 but it was delayed due to Covid. The launch will now take place the end of March, with the blessings of the chief and local leaders. 
Ulundi Teacher Fellowship Clubs
Ulundi (KwaZulu-Natal) Area Coordinator, Sylvia Twala, has launched seven R4L Teacher Fellowship Clubs. She says: "We have requested to do devotions with the teachers before schools starts in the morning. To our surprise the teachers are arriving in the early hours of the morning to attend our R4L devotions. Teachers that are believers, we challenge them to continue sharing the word in the classes as well as their local churches." Sylvia took this picture of teachers at Dlebe Primary School.
Partnership with ACDP Moves Forward
Previously we shared about a new partnership with the ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party) Youth Foundation. They have a youth outreach that ministers in universities across South Africa, but didn't have a structured program. As we mentioned last month, they wanted to partner with Phakama's Reach4Life program. Meetings have been held with their executives, and trainings have been arranged for 138 Christian university students who have signed up to be trained as Peer Educators. Jacky Nhlapo, formerly a strong R4L leader in the Johannesburg area, recently moved to Durban with his wife, and will be overseeing this project. His years of experience will be helpful in training and organizing these new Peer Educators. (See Mduduzi's testimony below.)
Mozambique Begins Work in Gaza Province
Amanika Setoe (left), Mozambique, reports, “Things are going well in our newly launched R4L work at Gaza province which is where I serve as Peer Educator in two schools and one College. Last week I trained seven more Peer Educators to help us in the region as more schools are requesting that we come and teach R4L. The R4L manual is easy to follow and the R4L book is also laid out well to follow from lesson to lesson."
Pretoria Gets Creative!
Pictured here (left) is Pretoria Coordinator Mercy Masuluke along with her team of Peer Educators, as they get together for their own R4L devotions and then find fun ways to share the weekly lesson with their groups.
His Own Bible!
My name is kodwa Zikode, I am 12 yrs. old I stay in Soweto Dobsonville township. I just joined the R4L club in my street in Jan 2021 on the WhatsApp. Today my own Bible was delivered to me in my home. I am so proud that I own a Bible. This book is helping me to make good friends who wont influence me to do what is bad. I also learned that sex before marriage is a terrible idea. I have decided to wait and commit my life to the Lord.”
Ministry Provides Phone
Pastor Mabaso (above) has started fourteen R4L groups in an area of farm workers in rural villages. He has connected twelve Peer Educators from his church to the team in Ladysmith for training. Unfortunately, he had no phone to take pictures and send regular reports. The ministry provided a phone for ministry purposes, and pictures and reports are now being received.
Soccer and Netball Clubs
Snake Park is a disadvantaged, informal settlement in Soweto. Streets have no names and houses have no house numbers. The R4L team working here deals with drugs and child headed homes on a regular basis. Now they have started netball and soccer R4L clubs which are causing a lot of excitement! The three ladies pictured above are the Netball Club Peer Educators.

Zinhle Zwane (middle) says, “There is nothing good happening in our settlement, the rate of murders a day is scary, unemployment is very high, drinking is a way of life here. They make their own beer since they can not afford the original drinks. This program is going to plant a seed of hope. I am happy to be a peer educator and to contribute in my community. Our coordinator Sifiso has been training us to use sport as means to reach the youth here and it is working.”
KwaMashu R4L Launch
The three Peer Educators above are shown launching Reach4Life at Nhlakanipho High school in KwaMashu, a large township about 12 km north of Durban. There are 14 Peer Educators in this area.

Olwakhe Nkabinde (in black jacket) says, “I am a university graduate and have been searching for employment for 4 years, but nothing is coming through. I was discouraged and lost hope. A letter inviting young people to be part of the R4L program was read in our church, I attended the presentation and I loved what I heard. Now my hope is restored, as I teach and encourage others, I too find strength to live. This is a powerful book, it lifted me up when I was thinking life was not worth it. Watching the kids get Bibles today in their classes and excited about our presence in their schools, encouraged me a lot.” 
Social Media Works!
Zuziwe Mpawozi – Cape Town Khayelitsha township says, “I am a R4L peer educator, I teach the program to 3 schools in my area. Covid made it very hard for us to continue with our ministry. But during the lockdown I managed to grow my groups in numbers and spiritually by using WhatsApp and Facebook. I pre recorded lessons, did short video clips of lessons and we managed to keep our R4L groups alive and well. I desire to be a professional teacher now. R4L has impacted my own life as a Peer educator. I am no longer sitting at home doing nothing but I am an ambassador for Christ and I am happy everyday that my life is useful to others and the Lord.”
In First Training Group
My name is Mduduzi Nxumalo. I represent the first 50 that will be trained for R4L campus Ministry on the 13th of March. As a born-again child of God I have been desiring to share Christ in the campus that I am in but I had no teaching material nor training of doing such. I have been sharing one on one sometimes, but the R4L tool is going to equip me to be more effective. I have seen the training manual and all the reports from other areas where the R4L program has been running for some time. These people are an army for Christ. The impact stories and the dedication of going at all lengths just for someone to hear the gospel really I lack words, I am challenged and ready to learn and to serve in the R4L movement.”  
Pt. Shepstone Prepares
Team Port Shepstone is making plans to get back to the field. They have weekly meetings to pray and study the Word together to prepare for their mission field which they do so well under the leadership of Coordinator Nomfundo Majola (light blue dress). Nomfundo broke her leg at the end of last year; we are glad she is now able to get around again.
Rollout in Nanda
Pictured above is Thomas Mkhize at J Zuma High in Nanda Durban, where a rollout of 1600 R4L Bibles took place. The 2018 mission team will remember this school and Thomas, from our visit there. 
The current Rand exchange rate is now at 15.1 Rand per dollar.
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