Office of the Mayor and Council Update
Updates on COVID-19 emergency
If you have been following the physical distancing rules and staying home, thank you for your vital contribution to beating this virus. The vast majority of Oakville are with you.
If you are working the frontline and essential services, thank you for keeping us going in this emergency.
It doesn't take many to crowd our parks and take dangerous chances with their health - and the health of all the rest of us.
You can help get the exceptions back in line with safety and the health of our community.
You can call 905-825-4722 and let our police, by-law officers, and public health inspectors know when you see a violation.
Over the weekend municipalities were granted new powers to force residents to comply with the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act orders. Our by-law officers are out and asking people to leave parks, physically distance and groups to separate.

The new powers allow police officers, First Nations constables, special constables and municipal by-law enforcement officers to also issue fines of $750 or more for failure to comply with the Act’s orders.
Over the weekend, an Oakville business was issued such a fine for failure to close when deemed not essential and in Milton, a family was asked by police to stop playing at a park. While those with the power to do so will ask, where possible, before issuing fines, please know that the fines can and will be issued where necessary.
I'm grateful that you won’t be the person who is fined for not following the rules put in place to keep us all safe and healthy during this emergency.
We can and will get through this together, but the time is now to comply. We won’t have many more chances and the lives we save will be our own and those we love and need.

Items in this update:

  • Enforcement of emergency orders
  • This is how serious the COVID-19 emergency is
  • Second Oakville fire fighter tests positive for COVID-19
  • COVID-19 health care provider recruitment
  • Personal protective equipment drive
  • Community answering the call
  • Canada getting the equipment we need
  • Ontario increasing mental health support
  • COVID-19 cases continue to rise
  • COVID-19 outbreak declared at second Halton retirement residence
  • Canadian COVID-19 modelling data to be released
  • Canada COVID-19 app available now
  • Ontario Power Generation’s 3D printers producing face shields
  • Food assistance programs
  • Paid and volunteer services for food, errands
  • Free furnished work space
  • Reminders for dog owners
  • Expiration of Valentine's Day passes extended
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Enforcement of emergency orders under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act
On March 17, 2020, the Province of Ontario declared a provincial emergency through the authority granted under the  Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) . Since this declaration, several emergency orders have been made under the Act to contain the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure that essential services continue to be provided and Ontarians are supported.

A ministerial designation under the  Provincial Offences Act  temporarily  allows for by-law enforcement officers to assist police officers with enforcing the emergency orders being made by the province.

In this regard, Halton Regional Police Service officers, by-law enforcement officers with the Town of Oakville, City of Burlington, Town of Halton Hills and Town of Milton, and Conservation Halton officers are now collaborating to respond to calls for service related to non-compliance with emergency orders within our collective boundaries.

For the duration of the pandemic, if a member of the public wishes to report an incident of non-compliance with the emergency orders, they may contact the Halton Regional Police Service COVID-19 Hotline: 905-825-4722

It is critical that our residents use 911 for emergencies only.

A call taker will collect relevant information from the complainant, and when appropriate, a by-law enforcement officer or police officer will be dispatched to follow up. Upon responding to an alleged incident of non-compliance, the severity of each infraction in relation to the potential risk to public health and the spread of COVID-19 will be taken into account to guide a response. If compliance is not obtained through dialogue and education, officers have the authority to issue a ticket or summons.

The enforceable orders that fall within the authority of the Halton Regional Police Service, the municipal by-law officers and Conservation Halton officers include:
This is how serious the COVID-19 emergency is
Below, please find a number of links to news stories about just how serious the COVID-19 pandemic is. And keep in mind this quote from Minister of Health Patty Hajdu as you read.
“If we all just stopped moving for two weeks, and nobody talked to anybody for two weeks, and we all stayed put, in fact we would see this virus die. That is the reality. The virus needs hosts to continue to infect in order to continue to grow. And so how long we are in this actually depends on our actions today.”
Key staff may need to stay at work sites, Ontario power system operator says

Pentagon confirms it’s seeking 100,000 body bags in coronavirus crisis

Fauci says he feels safe despite threats, is focusing on job

UN: 95% of Europe’s virus dead over 60 but young not immune
Virus masks, apps: The race is on to avoid hidden carriers

Fake test kits and other COVID-19 online scams play on public anxiety, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says

Royal Canadian Legion branches adapt to support veterans during pandemic

'Please stay home': The frustration, fatigue and resilience of Halton health care workers on front lines of coronavirus pandemic

Opinion: The system is bending. The race to protect our health-care workers must be won now
Second Oakville fire fighter tests positive for COVID-19
A second Oakville firefighter has tested positive for COVID-19 and three additional firefighters are now in self-isolation as they worked with this individual within 48 hours of symptoms appearing.

The Town continues to ensure facilities and equipment are appropriately cleaned and sanitized and have reapplied Aegis anti-viral solution over the past week.

There is no risk to public safety as replacement crews continue to be brought in to ensure all emergency calls are responded.

COVID-19 Health Care Provider Recruitment
The provincial government is looking for additional experienced health care providers to help provincial efforts to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19.

They are looking for health care providers who may be working part-time and want to and are prepared to increase their work hours or former healthcare providers who are retired, or on inactive status with their regulatory college; and are prepared to return to employment.

Personal protective equipment drive
An initiative to collect personal protective equipment (PPE) has started as a joint effort between community physicians, the municipality of Halton and the Ontario Medical Students Association, with assistance from St. John Ambulance and the Ontario Medical Association.

There are drives in Milton, Oakville and Halton Hills looking to collect PPE from individuals, local businesses, offices and clinics to help critical service workers in their respective local community. PPE includes masks, gloves, gowns and face shields among other items. If you are able to donate PPE, simply email organizers to make arrangements to have your donation picked up, or to receive information on where you can drop these items off.

Community answering call

I'm pleased to say that many residents have answered our call, donating much-needed equipment. Today, Danesh Balar and Mohammad Niqi, of Oakville’s Techville, donated thousands of masks and gloves. The picture shows the donations being received by Dr. James Kovacs, head of family medicine at OTMH. Thanks to Town and Regional Councillor Jeff Knoll, for making his theatre available as a transfer depot. We continue to ask you to help if you can.  Your local family and clinic doctors are grateful.
Canada getting the tools we need

More than a million masks were received in a Hamilton warehouse last night, and are being processed for distribution. These are in addition to the more than 10 million masks procured over the last few days, which are now being sent to provinces and territories as quickly as possible to address their needs for personal protective equipment. Our government has also ordered thousands of face shields from Bauer.
The Provincial Government announced it is providing emergency funding of up to $12 million to immediately expand online and virtual mental health supports and $2.6 million to hire new psychologists and other mental health workers to support Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) personnel.

These services will help people experiencing anxiety, stress and other mental health challenges, including people who are unable to access their regular in-person counselling supports. These resources will address the needs of youth and adults and will include more dedicated supports for those working on the frontlines who are dealing with the difficult realities of COVID-19 every single day.

The Provincial Government is also providing an emergency payment of more than $2.7 million to support services for victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes during the COVID-19 crisis.

This additional one-time emergency payment will help more than 50 community agencies across Ontario, including victim crisis assistance organizations (VCAOs), Indigenous organizations and those based in rural areas, stay operational and accessible to victims during the public health crisis. Funds will help front-line staff respond to challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis and enhance access to immediate supports for victims, including extended hotels stays, and transportation and meal vouchers available through the Victim Quick Response Program Plus (VQRP+).
COVID-19 cases continue to rise
As of today, there are 81 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Halton. The Provincial Government is reporting, as of 3 p.m., 2,793 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ontario; this number includes those cases that have been reported as resolved or deceased. This represents an increase of 401 confirmed cases from the previous report.
COVID-19 outbreak declared at second Halton
retirement residence
Halton Region Public Health has declared an outbreak at the Amica Georgetown Retirement Residence.

Public Health are working closely with leadership at the residence to ensure all appropriate outbreak measures are taken.
Canadian COVID-19 modelling data to be released
"You deserve to know what I know when you’re making decisions for yourself, family and community," Ontario Premier Doug Ford said during a news conference at Queen's Park today.

As such, top doctors will provide  briefing on COVID-19 modelling numbers  Friday on where Ontario was, is and could be.
Canada COVID-19 app available now
The Canada COVID-19 app, launched by the Federal government, provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the current pandemic.

From information on the virus itself, what constitutes self-isolation, and preventative measures, to links for financial supports for both workers and employers.

Find it on the Google Play Store, the Apple Store or go to  to get the link for the web version. Make sure you install the right app, developed by Health Canada.
Ontario Power Generation’s 3D printers producing face shields
Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is utilizing 3D printing technology to produce plastic face shields to address the pressing need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline health-care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has partnered with Ontario Tech University in Oshawa to fast-track the production of this vital piece of personal protective equipment.

OPG and Ontario Tech have already distributed a batch of their respective face shields to Northumberland Hills Hospital in Cobourg and received constructive feedback that helped fine-tune the final design. Companies across Ontario answered the provincial request to innovate and businesses such as Protagon Display Inc. and supplied material to help develop this cutting edge design.
The first batch of 200 face shields is expected to be ready for shipment to Ontario’s Ministry of Health on April 8 with a plan to increase production of the shields to 500 per week. The ministry will then distribute the shields to hospitals, long-term care homes and any other essential health-care providers in the most-needed areas of the province.
Food assistance programs
There are a number of Regional food assistance programs for those in need.

Good Neighbour Project  – GTA, has created a volunteer-based task force who are on standby to support vulnerable residents who require delivery assistance for supplies and groceries. Request assistance by calling 1-855-879-1919. Supports may be provided to those who are elderly, persons with disabilities, those who are in self-isolation or a single parent.
Food for Life  is delivering packages of food and essential goods to residents with low-incomes who are self-isolating and/or cannot access food through other channels. Residents can phone: 905-635-1106, press 7, or email:
OakvilleReady and Faith and the Common Good  are offering community-level assistance such as online/phone/text/messenger check-ins, information about what is ‘open’ in the community, and how to use technology to practice safe social distancing. Contact by email: , or Twitter/Instagram: @henhere, or Facebook: Halton Environmental Network . HEN is engaged with faith-based organizations that may be able to assist with direct service provision such as grocery delivery.
Where possible,  Kerr Street Mission  may deliver bags of food to residents who are experiencing symptoms or otherwise at risk. Contact 905-845-7485 or .
For residents looking for meal delivery,  Oakville Meals on Wheels  continues to operate.
Paid and volunteer services for food and errands

Oakville has a number of grocery delivery services available including Instacart, Grocery Gateway, PC Express and Walmart. However, demand for these services is high and as such, some planning is required.

There is also a local group of volunteers offering to shop for others, you can connect with them on Facebook here:

There is also a Caremongering group on Facebook that may have members willing to help:

Via the Halton Community Services Directory you can find a number of errand running services here:
Free furnished work space
alternawork is offering free furnished meeting space in the Oakville facility to organizations that are supporting our front line workers, during the COVID-19 crisis.

Reminders for dog owners
All off-leash dog parks are closed, which means dogs must be kept on-leash when out for walks. This will help with the necessary social distancing.

Dog owners are also reminded to please clean up after their dogs.
Expiration of Valentine's Day passes extended
With Town of Oakville facilities currently closed, Valentine's Day drop-in passes for a free public swim, skate or sport can be redeemed at a later date. These special valentine cards will now be accepted until December 31, 2020.

Virtual faith and worship services

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Greening Sacred Spaces has compiled a list of virtual faith and worship services for each municipality.
Visit the Greening Sacred Spaces website for more information and links.

Stay connected with helpful webinars

OakvilleReady is building a virtual community using Zoom technology to increase resiliency, community capacity and understanding around how we can support each other during this time. 
Find the list of webinars at the OakvilleReady website