WE are Woodbury
Dear Woodbury Residents,

It is my honor to represent the City of Woodbury as your newly appointed Mayor!

This year we, as a city, a nation and a world, have faced many unforeseen challenges.

As spring begins to bloom and we are beginning to feel more confident to venture outdoors and socialize, take a moment to reflect how we can help make our community better – even in the simplest way by picking up litter instead of walking over it. It starts in our yards - LEAD BY EXAMPLE – let’s make Woodbury better for all of our benefit!  
Contact Your Councilpersons

City Hall - 856-845-1300

Ward 1
Tracey Parker - tparker@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 557
Danielle Carter - dcarter@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 558
Donna Miller - dmiller@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 555

Ward 2
Bill Fleming - bleming@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 551
Karlene O'Connor - koconnor@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 559
Crystal Moore - cmoore@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 550

Ward 3
Phil Hagerty - phagerty@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 554
Reed Merinuk - rmerinuk@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 553
Kyle Miller - kmiller@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 552
Mayor Peg Sickel
Born and raised in Woodbury, Mayor Sickel is excited to give back to her community.

Contact Mayor Sickel by email at psickel@woodbury.nj.us or by cellphone at 215-518-1943
856-845-1300 | City Hall, 33 Delaware Street |www.Woodbury.nj.us