WE are Woodbury
Woodbury High School Cheerleaders at the Stewart Lake Clean Up on April, 25, 2021
Dear Woodbury Residents and Friends,

I am sure that you join me in welcoming May and the onset of warmer weather!

We received a lot of great feedback from our first blog and want to continue to use this as a forum to provide interesting information about our city, its citizens and businesses.

Interestingly, we even received an email from ‘across the pond’ from one of the relatives of our founder, Henry Wood. He lives in Norwich, England and obviously, follows our city’s website!

Looking forward to continuing the communication between us that makes Woodbury “OUR” community!

Mayor Peg Sickel
Contact Your Councilpersons

City Hall - 856-845-1300

Ward 1
Tracey Parker - tparker@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 557
Danielle Carter - dcarter@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 558
Donna Miller - dmiller@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 555

Ward 2
Bill Fleming - bleming@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 551
Karlene O'Connor - koconnor@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 559
Crystal Moore - cmoore@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 550

Ward 3
Phil Hagerty - phagerty@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 554
Reed Merinuk - rmerinuk@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 553
Kyle Miller - kmiller@woodbury.nj.us, or ext. 552
Mayor Peg Sickel
Born and raised in Woodbury, Mayor Sickel is excited to give back to her community.

Contact Mayor Sickel by email at psickel@woodbury.nj.us or by cellphone at 215-518-1943
856-845-1300 | City Hall, 33 Delaware Street |www.Woodbury.nj.us