Official 2017 AAC Election Results 

President – Tahnis Manhard

Treasurer – Roger Perron

Regional Director BC VI – Ray Bronson
Regional Director MB/SK/NU – Greg Mylks
Regional Director ON E – Wendy Beard
Regional Director NS/NF/LAB – Jenn Embree
Both elected and acclaimed nominees will begin their two (2) year terms on January 1, 2018.
Voting turnout for this election was 39% of eligible members.
In total, 400 members voted. In addition, there were 14 “no votes” logged over all of November (less than 3% of the total vote). “No votes” were cases where a voter had successfully logged on to the voting page and for one reason or another had not recorded a vote. The company supporting the election software reported that a percentage of voters not registering votes as expected, is considered normal. It should also be noted that had an extra 14 votes been cast for any candidate, this would not have changed the outcome of the election for either position.

 Issues which could result in no vote being recorded:
  1. issue with voter's PC, browser, or other environmental context (e.g. outdated browser version, program or hardware crash) before voting
  2. issue with voter's network before voting
  3. use of the BACK button before voting
  4. click on the X of the voting page window (closing browser tab or page) before voting
  5. a deliberate choice of the member not to vote for any candidate for one or both positions
In addition, the following problems were identified and resolved:
  1. issue with provisional date (reported on Nov 1st; workaround provided Nov 1st resolving most cases, but complete issue only diagnosed Nov 22nd and final repair on Nov 23rd)
  2. issue with time zone - election closure (reported and resolved Nov 30th - voters contacted)