Dear Cruise Abaco Family,

The situation in Abaco is constantly changing but we wanted to let you know that, thankfully, our crew and staff are all safe. Most have lost their homes to this devastating storm and we are all working to come to terms with what is ahead for us. Relief and Restoration projects are coming together, roads are being cleared, supply boats are coming and citizens are being evacuated to Nassau and points beyond until it's safe to bring them back home. 

We cannot express how much the overwhelming support from our Cruise Abaco family has meant to us. The concern for not only the safety of our staff but the incredible losses they've all incurred has touched our hearts during a time when we needed it the most. Homes have been lost or damaged, belongings gone and as we help rebuild their lives, everything will have to be replaced. 

Many Cruise Abaco customers and boat owners have reached out and asked how they can help the staff directly. One of our boat owners, Ted Dimbero (Leander, TX), has started a Go Fund Me page specifically to help get our staff through this difficult time. The  Help Cruise Abaco Staff  Go Fund Me page has been set up specifically to help with whatever needs they have - all of these contributions will go directly to the Cruise Abaco staff. We will post updates on where each and every one of your contributions are going and how they are helping make a difference in the lives of these wonderful people. 

Please go to  for updates on relief, rebuilding & staff fund distributions. We will also be sending updates via our newsletter. 

It will take some time but our beloved Abacos will be rebuilt and our Cruise Abaco staff will be sailing again. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the love and support you have shown us.

Captain Mark & Patti Gonsalves
Proud Owners of Cruise Abaco