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IPAY is raising $20,000 to support womxn in the field of performing arts for youth. EVERY DONATION will be MATCHED dollar for dollar up to $10k

pictured: Rye Fellows (2019)
Funds from this campaign will support organizational changes and infrastructure that will support more womxn in the field as well as:
  • travel for 1 womxn to participate in IPAY Showcase Selection Committee
  • travel for 1 womxn to attend IPAY's Showcase
  • 1 year IPAY membership for 1 womxn
  • focus on womxn for Kindling 2020 and SPARK Pre-Conference programming
$20k for 2020
The goals of this campaign are to increase access for womxn* to IPAY's world-class programming, to respond to the needs of our membership, and to honor the contributions of womxn in the field of performing arts for young audiences.

* Why are we using this spelling of womxn?

International Performing Arts for Youth is committed to practicing intersectional feminism and the inclusion of all womxn and gender-variant people in our programs. We choose to use this alternative spelling to acknowledge and counteract the history of trans-exclusionary language in many feminist spaces and welcome all womxn, trans, and gender-non conforming people into the IPAY community.
Giving Levels

All donations will be matched dollar for dollar (up to $10k) in honor of IPAY's current and continued commitment to womxn.
$10=$20 will provide one hour of Consultant work to revolutionize IPAY's organizational practices and policies to provide enhanced protections for the womxn within our organization
$25=$50 will provide support for IPAY to work with more womxn-owned businesses for Showcase in Philadelphia
$50=$100 will provide FOUR hours of Consultant work to enhance IPAY's marketing and communication to include the voices and stories of more womxn
$100=$200 will provide a year long IPAY membership for TWO womxn
$250=$500 will provide a free Showcase Exhibitor registration for one womxn
$500=$1000 will fund one womxn to serve on IPAY Showcase Selection Committee without financial constraints
$1000=$2,000 will fund TWO womxn to attend IPAY Showcase

pictured: Robbi K / photo: Kate Raines (2019) 

"Being inclusive of women is more than having a token woman on stage, it is presenting work that has been created by women, giving women leadership roles at the table, and addressing the hidden inequities of gender pay gaps that continue to hinder our business. Despite the fact that women are seemingly the arts majority in the U.S., we are still witnessing pay inequities between genders. There are known TYA artistic companies, presenting organizations, and festivals who have created a culture of gender bias and pay inequities within their organizations. To compound these inequities, male-founded artistic companies tend to have more traction in the U.S. touring market. Instead of remaining in a male-driven model, how can we, as a community, address the needs of women as well as our male counterparts? My hope is that this campaign will shine a light on these issues, while creating dialogue and concrete actionable solutions. We owe it to the artists, audiences, and our field to move our businesses to a transparent level of gender equity."

Mara McEwin
Artistic Director for Treehouse Shakers

* IPAY Member
pictured: Rhona Matheson, Mara McEwin, Emily Bunning (2017)

"IPAY is not just a resource. It's a growing space. Our programming is more cutting edge, more visionary, because of IPAY. IPAY creates community. The vast majority of the important relationships that I have in the performing arts on the national and international level began at IPAY. I talk with the people I met at the conference all year long. We share information with each other about artistic quality, audience response, and more. Almost daily, I find myself talking to another member or planning a way to work with them. Most of us who attend the conference place a high value on the professional relationships and long-lasting friendships we've developed amongst each other."

Roberta Ciuffo West
Executive Vice President for Education & Outreach for Tennessee Performing Arts Center

* IPAY Member

"The thing that strikes me most about the whole experience is how welcome I was made to feel at IPAY - even from before I arrived. My [Showcase] buddy, Annemieke Wade of Roseneath Theatre, generously shared her knowledge and time - including walking me around my first visit to the marketplace. Having only joined Barrowland Ballet as Executive Producer in November, I really benefited from the opportunity to meet some of the company's existing international friends and colleagues as well as make new connections. I was continually delighted by the open and friendly atmosphere of showcase, and had some interesting and inspiring conversations with so many brilliant makers/ educators/ producers/ presenters that I just happened to be sitting or walking next to."

Jo Walmsley
Executive Producer for Barrowland Ballet

* First Time Showcase Attendee in 2019
image by Martin Jenich 2017
image by Kate Raines 2019
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