State "Republican" politician denies supporting
TWO massive tax increases on Oahu residents. 

Dear Hawaii Republican:

In response to our breaking news story about taxpayers being surprised by the permanent property tax hike to pay for operations and maintenance of the rail system, w e just received the official statement of Bob McDermott , state representative and ardent supporter of the City's wasteful rail boondoggle.

As all taxpayers know, government has grown to be VERY expensive in Hawaii.   If you build a school, you have to pay to run it.  If you build a park, you have to pay to maintain it. If you build a road, you have to pay for its upkeep.

And if you build a multi-billion dollar rail system
you will then have to pay to operate and maintain it, day and night, forever.

Everyone knows this.  Except, if you actually believe him, Bob McDermott.

In his response to HIRA, McDermott justifies his vote in favor of increasing the rail taxes by saying he had absolutely no idea that after taxpayers are forced to pay billions to BUILD rail that he was completely unaware that taxpayers would have to pay higher taxes forever to actually RUN the rail system.  He says he didn't know that rail cost money to operate or where that money would come from.

Sure he didn't know.  Well, thanks to Bob and the majority of the Republican caucus (not to mention RINO Kym Pine at the City Council), taxpayers can look forward to TWO massive tax increases: The $200 per person per year excise tax increase PLUS the 10% increase in our property taxes.

Here's Bob's thoughtful and ever-so-charming reply to HIRA moments ago . . .

Lesson to Bob:   State legislators ABSOLUTELY DO have plenty to do with City & County property taxes.  If the county's share of the state's hotel room tax is not enough, then property taxes make up the difference.  And if you decide taxpayers should fund the construction of a multi-billion dollar rail system, then you have decided we need to pay for it.  Look Bob, t ake responsibility for your decisions.  Don't be just another "that's not my kuleana" kind of politician.  You pushed to build it.  Now WE have to pay to operate and maintain it.   You should feel proud about making Oahu more expensive.  You worked hard to divert money from our pockets to your buddies in the construction and development industries.  Take a bow.  Feel good about yourself.  You scammed a lot of people.  But, Bob, voters understand basic math.  You increased TWO taxes with your votes, not just ONE.  And you will be remembered as the guy who thought his constituents and all Republicans in Hawaii are suckers.  No, we're not.

Frankly, we're pretty worried about politicians like McDermott who think you can buy a car but never have to pay for gas, oil, service, insurance or anything else for the life of that car.  Politicians like McDermott think money grows on trees.  It's just so easy for opportunistic politicians to dream up fun things that all of us will have to pay for.  The hard part is recognizing the cost of taking care of those expensive things.

FACT:  The City just provided their lowball estimate that Oahu property taxes will have to be increased by at least 9% to operate and maintain the rail system.  These same Democrats also low-balled the construction cost of rail.  Remember the original $3 billion pricetag?  Well, it's nearly $7 billion now.  So Oahu residents will probably end up being shafted by Bob and his big-spending political buddies with a 15-20% increase in property taxes.

Bob McDermott refuses to take responsibility for ANY of his role in saddling taxpayers with the annual subsidy for this boondoggle that he supports so much.  That's what makes him a RINO -- a Republican In Name Only.

Bob's "bullshit alert" (above) calls into question just about everything that comes out of his mouth.  But the even bigger danger is having a Republican leader in the State House of Representatives who is even further to the left than Bob.

Stay tuned for more about that particular RINO in an upcoming RINO Alert from HIRA.  You deserve to know why Republicans aren't fighting harmful Democrat policies.  And HIRA will give you the straight story.




NOTE:   RINO Bob McDermott's fiscal extravagance explains he enthusiastically supports Democrats over Republicans in elections.  For example, since 2010 to this very day, McDermott endorses and gets his whole family to vote for high-taxing, big-spending Democrat state senator "Slick Willie" Espero . . .

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