Vol. 26
June 2022
Dominion Makes its Case to SCC for $9.65 Billion From Customers To Build Wind Farm
Acknowledging the risk of cost overruns but saying it doesn’t anticipate any, Dominion Energy made its case Tuesday to state regulators for approval of $9.65 billion from its Virginia customers to build the country’s largest offshore wind farm.
Dominion’s Virginia Offshore Wind Project Gets Some Love in Hearings
Dominion Energy’s proposed offshore wind project won support from labor and political leaders in four days of hearings before the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) last week, while commission staff called for ratepayer protections and local residents sought changes to transmission routing.
Duke Energy, TotalEnergies To Develop New Massive Offshore Wind Farms off N.C.
Two companies will split a roughly 170-square-mile zone off the North Carolina coast to develop a new offshore wind farm. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Wednesday awarded the leases to Duke Energy and TotalEnergies for an area off Brunswick County, in the southeast corner of North Carolina.
Turning Wind into Power Off the Wilmington Coast Could Be a Decade Away
Two companies, one based in North Carolina and other one French, agreed last week to pay the federal government more than $300 million to lease two patches of empty ocean roughly 20 miles off the coast of Southeastern North Carolina. The plan is to dot the empty seascape with wind turbines that could reach 800 feet into the sky, helping to power up to 500,000 homes with renewable, clean green energy.
Port of Virginia to Source All Electricity From Clean Energy by 2024
The Port of Virginia has said it will fulfil all of its operational electricity needs from clean-energy resources by 2024. With this commitment, the port moves forward with its goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2040.
Port, Army Corps Formalize Dredging Cost-Share Agreement
The Port of Virginia and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers signed an agreement Friday that formalized their collaboration on the Norfolk Harbor dredging project to deliver the East Coast’s widest and deepest channels by 2024. The Army Corps also will use federal funding to award its first construction contract for the project, which started in 2019.
Assessing Wind Speeds, Potential Performance Across Atlantic Offshore Portfolio
With 28 GW in planned offshore wind, 10 states across the U.S. East Coast are capitalizing on robust wind conditions along the nation's northernmost Atlantic shore, where average wind speeds hover at about 9 meters per second, pursuing optimal performance as the U.S. target for CO2 emission reduction by 2030 increasingly looms large.
Shared Cabling Infrastructure To Meet Future US Offshore Demand Explored
Consultancy OWC is set to research cable landfall and onshore constraint issues related to the expected growth in new offshore wind farms in the US. It will explore the potential for coordinating use of transmission to enable multiple offshore wind farms to use the same landfall location and potentially the same onshore cable corridor.
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