Vol. 25
May 2022
Lambert’s Point Docks in Norfolk to Become $100M Maritime Center
In a deal predicted to bring more than 500 jobs and over $100 million in capital investment, the Lambert’s Point Docks property in Norfolk will become a maritime operations and logistics center to support local offshore wind, defense and transportation industries.
Port of Virginia CEO Touts Growth at 2022 State of the Port Address
The recent State of the Port address centered around one central theme - growth. Many successes were discussed at the Port’s annual luncheon, like median incomes rising over 11%, overall jobs increasing by 10% and an increase in overall shipping.
Welders Needed: Wind Energy Industry Leaders Recruit Local Trade School Students
Wind energy is slated to become Hampton Roads’ biggest new industry. By 2026, the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Farm is expected to be the largest offshore wind farm in the United States. The new industry needs a workforce. And the time to focus on attracting that workforce is now, according to leaders.
Opinion: Rising Tide of Offshore Wind Could Lift All Boats
Recently, the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk held an important symposium about rising sea levels. The Hampton Roads region faces a double challenge: rising oceans are compounded by sinking land, a process known as subsidence. At the same time, another seismic change is taking place in Hampton Roads: economic transformation.
Dominion Energy Scaling Up For Large Offshore Wind Turbine Power Plant
Dominion is deep into work on a large wind power plant project in the Atlantic Ocean. It's a cleaner power alternative designed to bring long-term economic benefits. Not only will Virginia be riding the first wave of utilizing wind turbines, but the state could also be a place where turbines are made. Dominion is looking to establish a blade-finishing facility located in Virginia's port.
NC Has Great Potential for Offshore Wind Development, Experts Say
North Carolina could be a major player in the offshore wind industry. Studies, state officials, private businesses and environmental groups all agree that the industry has the potential to bring several gigawatts of renewable energy, billions of dollars and hundreds of jobs to the state.
Offshore Wind Energy Sector Has Big Gains, and Growing Pains
Against the backdrop of new energy pressure from Russia, U.S., and European officials and company executives meeting last month in Atlantic City, N.J., at a leading business conference on offshore wind energy touted its potential to propel transition from fossil fuel dependence. But they acknowledged still nagging market uncertainties and need for government support to meet lofty deployment targets for this decade and beyond.
Dramatic Innovation-Driven Ramp Up of Floating Offshore Wind Anticipated by 2030
A drumbeat of floating offshore wind–related developments this year suggests the pipeline for the long-nascent wind technology sub-sector may be finally beginning to grow. While floating wind’s current contribution of total wind installations is only 0.1%, recent developments suggest floating offshore wind is slated to expand to 16.5 GW by 2030, accounting for 6.1% of global wind installations, said the Global Wind Energy Council.
U.S. Provides Guidance on Jones Act Application to Offshore Wind Farms
With efforts accelerating to develop offshore wind farms, there remain many unresolved questions on the scope of U.S. cabotage laws and how specifically the Jones Act will be applied to the construction of the wind farms.
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