Vol. 7
April 28, 2021
Editorial: Offshore Wind Represents Prime Opportunity for Virginia
If all goes well, offshore wind energy is about to become big business in the United States, and Virginia — with Hampton Roads playing point — is well positioned to have a major role. With strong winds and relatively shallow waters, the coast of Virginia is ideally suited for offshore wind farms.
Hungry for a New Offshore Wind Industry, States Pour Millions into Ports
East Coast states are engaging in a new arms race of sorts, as they vie to build out ports that will allow them to claim a definitive edge in the burgeoning offshore wind industry — one that could eventually produce billions in economic activity.
Daunting but Confident: Dominion Energy Takes On What Will Be the Country's Largest Offshore Wind Project
Dominion Energy Virginia President Ed Baine says the Coastal Offshore Wind project paves the way for a clean energy future for Virginia. Baine says the benefits from the commitment to renewable energy far outweigh any jitters along the way. 
Biden Banks on Offshore Wind to Help Curb Climate Change
Two wind turbines, each as tall as the Washington Monument, stand sentinel 27 miles off the coast of Virginia, the nation’s first offshore wind installation in federal waters. The pilot project began producing power last October but is just the beginning. With the help of a major push from the Biden administration, offshore wind may finally advance in the Atlantic.
Commentary: Report States Wind Could Work
A new report shows that Atlantic states could power the entire region with clean renewable wind energy off our coasts. North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland rank eighth, 15th and 17th respectively, among 29 coastal states for their potential to meet 2019 electricity usage with offshore wind according to the new report.
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2021 IPF Conference
IPF, the largest offshore wind conference in the Western hemisphere, is being held in Richmond, VA! It brings together the global offshore wind supply chain and provides the latest in education, networking, and platforms to help you grow your business.
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