People often ask me what Restorative Alignment -the yoga method I developed- is about.
"People often ask me what Restorative Alignment -the yoga method I developed- is about."
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People often ask me what Restorative Alignment -the yoga method I developed- is about.
A lot of our daily movements happen mechanically. Poor patterns are established through repetitive movement, bad posture, and our emotional states of mind. The body -which has its own inner intelligence- adapts to our postural preferences, letting ill habits establish themselves as the norm.
Restorative Alignment confronts us with our physical and mental limitations. Finding our edge might not be pleasurable -but it provides us with an incredible learning tool. Once we know what areas we need to address within the physical body, we can use Restorative Alignment to bring the body back to its center.
Due to tension, muscles and tissue become hard and nerves get irritated, resulting in general stiffness, immobility and pain. Letting go of tension can be more difficult than using strength. Most of us have learned how 'to do' but haven't learned how to undo and to relax in a natural way. This is a process that is not only physical but also emotional.
Objectively observing discomfort in our bodies requires an emotional commitment encouraged through Restorative Alignment.
With the use of supports and props (literal and metaphorical), we learn to release different obstructions in our spine. In this way we can create a healthy, mobile, and stable backbone. A strong spine has an overwhelmingly positive effect on our entire nervous system -allowing it to be both strong and relaxed.
One of the most important tools that I use in my classes is the BackMitra. It not only helps to tackle stiffness and discomfort in neck, shoulders, and back, but also promotes good posture.
Currently I am teaching classes, retreats and teacher trainings in Solstice Yoga Center at San Agustinillo Beach, Mexico and as guest teacher at several other locations throughout the world.

I invite you to join me at one of my Restorative Alignment workshops.
If you are interested to know more about my method, or want to schedule a workshop with me at your studio, please contact me.

In June last year I hosted a workshop with Brigitte at my studio in Adegem, Belgium. I have huge admiration for her and the road she has walked to this very moment.
Brigitte's way of teaching is clear and also very personal; even though the group was big, everyone received attention, to the smallest details.
This workshop has not only changed me as a yoga teacher, but has also changed me personally. In 2007 I started practicing yoga because of the chronic neck pain I had after suffering a serious car accident in 2002 (two of the intervertebral disks in my neck have almost completely disappeared). Until June 2016, pre-BackMitra, I practiced lots of yoga but the pain persisted. I also experienced numbness in my right arm, hand and fingers.
Isabel Dobbelaere
Since I started using the BackMitra these complaints have all but disappeared.
I share this experience on a daily basis and the BackMitra became an integral part of the classes I teach at my studio Puur-Yoga.
A large number of my students have started using it at home. Many students with chronic complaints have even received confirmation from their chiropractor that the condition of their back has improved greatly since they started with yoga and the BackMitra.

Isabel Dobbelaere
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Learn from 2 true master teachers  
Brigitte Longueville and David McAmmond

*** November 5th - December 2nd, 2017 ***
San Agustinillo Beach, Mexico

We are thrilled to announce that Brigitte Longueville and David McAmmond will once again team up to teach a restorative and therapeutic yoga teacher training. 

Restorative and therapeutic teacher training - 200 hours Yoga Alliance

Set in the picturesque village of San Agustinillo, this training will offer you an opportunity to learn first hand from 2 true master teachers. Delve into your yoga practice, rest and restore in an enchanting environment right on a tropical beach on the shores of the Pacific.

Don't miss this unique chance to get your knowledge directly from two true master teachers specialized in restorative and therapeutic yoga!

Brigitte Longueville
Brigitte Longueville - Restorative Alignment teacher
She began her study of yoga as a nineteen-year old, when she first traveled to India. Her teachings are reflective of her training with international teachers and yogis in the South Indian tradition, in pranayama, critical alignment, and Vipassana meditation. She is particularly grateful to her teachers Sri Pattabhi Jois, Clive Sheridan, and Gert van Leeuwen for helping her on a lifetime journey into yoga.

Brigitte obtained her teaching certificate after completing a three-year course at the Critical Alignment Institute of yoga in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and teacher trainer (E-RYT500).

These days, you can find Brigitte teaching in Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, India and the United States.

David McAmmond
David McAmmond - Therapeutic Yoga Specialist
David first became acquainted with yoga in 1963 when he began the study of eastern philosophy. His readings awakened his curiosity about meditation and, after attending classes on Transcendental Meditation (TM), he started his own practice of meditation and basic asanas.

David holds teaching certification from The Yoga Centre of Calgary and the Yoga Association of Alberta, Canada and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In India he trained under Acharya Yoganand (Dr. S.V. Karandikar), one of the world's pioneers in Restorative Yoga and the founder and director of the Kabir Baug Institute of Yoga Therapy. Over the last thirty years, David has inspired hundreds of trainees participating in his various Yoga Teacher Training programs in Canada, Mexico and Colombia. 
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"I would highly recommend this course to every one looking for a real life changing experience."
Alexandra Vigh, RYT200 graduate

"Extremely clean and well-equipped yoga training facility in a physically beautiful environment with warm wonderful instructors and support staff. The food at Tres Marias was excellent and the kitchen was extremely accommodating of special dietary needs. Completion of the program requires serious commitment to yoga practice and hard work."  
Melissa Hill, RYT200 graduate 
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