A Story for The Self-Quarantined

It was finally March! It was finally Spring! I had pep in my step and was ready to zing!

But before I had time to bask in the sun, I was told: "Turn about and get ready to run!"

I ran back inside to avoid Covid 19...
The pep in my step was now quarantined!
At first it was fun with adventures to do! We welded, we melded, we made gobbly- goo.

We binged, we baked, we had virtual thrills. But the mail kept delivering our electric bills!

The oven used kilowatts, the computers kept going. Throw in the TV, the charging stations... my circuits were blowing!

Lights were left on in every room. Non-stop conference calls, home schooling, and chats via Zoom.

Yes, staying at home meant changing some things. But these bills couldn't be paid by the richest of kings.

But the sun is still out and willing to provide...lots of clean, green energy while we're stuck inside.

I called Geoscape Solar, they were ready to go. Their Solar Advisors quickly put me in the know.

They installed my solar with no money down , and my electric bills shrunk to the smallest in town!

Whether you live in Diffendoofer or Whoville or Anywhere USA, call 1.877.GEO.SUN.1... TODAY!

We hope our friends and family enjoyed our fun rhyme.
We hope it put a smile on your face and helped pass some time.

Non-Profit Partner Spotlight:
Jewish Family Services
During this time, our solar partner JFS is continuing to work as an essential support service for our clients and community members in need. JFS is using telecommunication to continue the work that is still vital for the thousands of lives that depend on them. JFS's food pantry is open in Margate from 10-2 weekdays and our Access Center can be reached at 609-822-1108 x 1 from 8 am – 5 pm weekdays for information, services and referrals. 

(Pictured left to right): Geoscape Solar Chief Operating Officer Lee Watson; JFS Chief Executive Officer Andrea Steinberg; and Geoscape Solar Senior Solar Advisor Kevin Hamm pose next to an image of the agency’s Margate office.
Enjoy Celebrating Special Times ...no matter how different the celebration!

Five Ways You and Your Family Can Get Out WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOUSE !
Geoscape Solar is celebrating a "CLEAN Dozen" Years of providing Green Energy! Our clients have the comfort and the confidence of knowing that Geoscape Solar is a company that they can trust to partner with. Geoscape Solar has been a trusted Solar Provider for 12 years and we are here to stay! Our clients experience the highest standards of honesty, reliability, and dependability.

Contact Us to discover if going solar is right for your property. A five to ten minute phone conversation with a qualified Solar Advisor can provide you with important information about reducing your utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint.
Or just call to wish us a Happy Birthday!

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Geoscape Solar's Core Values
A CCOUNTABILITY – The Glue That Binds Commitment to Results
S ERVICE – It’s Not a Department – It’s Everyone’s Job
P OSITIVITY – It Comes From Building a Brighter Future Together
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R ELATIONSHIPS – People Are the Strength of Our Company
E XCELLENCE – The Quality of Our Work Speaks of Our Character

 Geoscape Solar's local owners and partners (left to right) Michael Boches, Jeffrey Chavkin and Lee Watson lead the Geoscape Solar Team to ASPIRE to be even better as we hit a dozen years in the solar industry !
After over a dozen years of quality solar installations, Geoscape Solar has grown into the leading solar company in the New Jersey area. We design and install solar energy systems for commercial properties, non profit organizations and residential homes. Our award winning customer service and creative finance options are second to none. Give us a call at  1-877-GEOSUN-1  to learn more about making solar energy work for you.