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November Nifty Newsletter
It's hard to believe that November is coming to a close and the holiday season is approaching warp speed. This month we kept quite busy and from the looks of it we won't be slowing down until christmas eve when we host our family for Christmas eve and Christmas day. This November we've had some very interesting projects that really make this job interesting. from putting backs up on a set of cabinets that were already hanging, to repairing a wall with 100 year old wainscoting on it which you'll see below. All in all you could say we had a pretty neat month. 
Tip of the Month

Last months tip was all about keeping the air in your home clean and healthy through the winter. This month tip also has a winter vibe to it and it is about being sure to turn your exterior faucet off and how to do it if you if you need a refresher or are new to homeownership.

If you're a fan of our Facebook page you may have seen this already, and if you're not what are you waiting for ? We post about 1 to 3 time a month on some of  the more interesting things we do. So think of this as a preview of the many things we post on Facebook. 

Here's one of our more interesting jobs from a while ago. It all started with a leaky shower valve.  
Our clients had called in a plumber to replace the valve's cartridge. Unfortunately, said cartridge is no longer stocked, and the entire unit needed to be replaced. Lucky for them, they could get to the unit from the other side of the wall and leave the tiles intact. Not so lucky is what they found behind the wall once they opened it. The previous renovation was a hack job and the plumber couldn't do his work before the bracing was removed and re-configured. That is where we came in. So as you can guess, we went in and re-structured the wall. The plumber came back and changed the shower unit and we came back and put the wall with original 100 year old wainscoting back together, patched the ceiling below the bathroom and caulked around the new shower fixtures (because the plumber had forgotten to do that). All in all, it was quite the challenge but as my dad always says, "If it was easy, it wouldn't be any fun".

Upcycling 101: Advent Calendar

The 11th instalment of Upcycling 101 is a Christmas inspired project. The advent calendar, nothing quite like counting down the days until christmas with a little treat every day but so many are purchased used and then end up in landfills every year after christmas. that's why this month project is just that an Upcycled advent calendar that you can reuse. You can checkout the instruction in the link below. 

Scouter Scott and 2 girl guides sorting packages
Special Delivery 

This month the Toronto Star Santa Fund deliveries have started across the city, and the depot Ross runs with the help of Venturers and Rangers and other leaders is responsible for 1400 present deliveries. For those that don't know the Toronto Star Santa Fund is a charity that gives tens of thousands gifts to youth that otherwise wouldn't get anything for christmas. and we are glad to donate our time to help make a couple kids christmas a little brighter.