Hey Co-Conspirator, we've indeed done a lot and are doing a lot, and we're doing it exceptionally well. Check out the words from our CEO to see what's next and what's needed.
Hey Beautiful,

Summer has flown by, and fall begins.

And yes, you received a newsletter last week, and here I am again in your inbox.

I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

You fund Urban Triage. And we receive restricted dollars that are program-specific, which too often doesn't leave wiggle room for operations cost, benefits, and IT updates. I share this to say:

Donations from the community decreased expeditiously after announcing the 12.3 million dollar contract for rental supports.
I know it appears to be much money, and it's not. Check out the breakdown below for understanding. We're short--there are gaps that we have to fill and other programs and wages we have to sustain that the contract does not cover.

As a Black lead and Black centered organization, folks are expecting us to fail. They're betting on it. Literally hoping for it. As some are aware, that's how racism shows up in "the work." It also shows up by way of funds being removed from Urban Triage because people think we have received enough funds, which isn't the same perspective or what occurs when organizations are national or led by non-Black people.

Our community has many challenges, from housing to unhoused neighbors, education to youth programming, and violence prevention. No matter what it is, Urban Triage is right here figuring it out in partnership with the City of Madison, Dane County, UW partners, and community agencies. We're not just showing up; we're doing the work and doing it exceptionally well.

We're able to do so because of community support (donations, in-kind services, volunteers, etc.) and because staff and co-conspirators are invested in the mission. Folks know first hand that as an organization, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We are founded and grounded in integrity.

This leads me to my request--your presence on the frontlines is vital for continuing to offer humanity-centered services and supports. Co-Conspirator, donate today. Our community needs you to be about it. Be about Black lives. Be about supporting Urban Triage's mission. We are not just talking the talking or looking good; we are walking the walk. To ensure we can continue to do that and continue to say that we are an organization funded by the people we need you to invest financially. Become a recurring donor or make a one-time donation to one of our campaigns below.

Remember, we are because of you. Total awarded $12.3 million vs. $12.6 million that's needed to stand up an exceptional program.

You are why we've reached over 100,000 people--directly and indirectly. And you'll be why we'll continue to offer exceptional supports to the people. We can't do the heart work without you.

Thank you in advance for supporting the work of Urban Triage. Donate below.

The Break Down
The Break Down of the Breakdown
Other Ways to SUPPORT Urban Triage
We’re aiming to raise $15,000 to give to families with children in school k-12. Parents will be encouraged to use the money for haircuts and styles, new outfits, shoes, or anything that will ease the stress of returning to school for their children!

As mentioned above, donations are slow coming to Urban Triage since the announcement of the contract with the county. We have raised $700 so far for this campaign. We need you to donate.

We're hosting a family movie night at Penn Park on September 16th to allocate funds and supplies! We'll watch the movie "Soul" on the big screen, eat and celebrate community. Event begins at 5 pm. ALL are welcomed.

Co-Conspirator, we are asking you to volunteer and donate to help with our campaign. Your support of Healthy Black Students is greatly appreciated; please click below for more information!
As many may know, multiple funding sources are required to stabilize the mission and the impact of any nonprofit. Reliance on single-source grants or affluent donors could result in a significant loss of funding in the blink of an eye. To protect our organization from this, we have to lean on you, our community. We have to cultivate recurring donations from those who support the work and believe in the mission of Urban Triage and who have consistently answered our calls to action.
Join the change-makers. Join the work of standing in the gaps for those most vulnerable. Join the Urban Triage Squad by being a Co-Conspirator for Black lives by enrolling in recurring donations. Click below for more information.
We're excited to announce that we are opening a SECOND OFFICE in preparation for CORE II.

In the upcoming weeks, some staff members will move to our downtown location on Butler St. 2312 S Park St we'll serve as our direct service hub.

We're thankful for the opportunity of designing and implementing a rental support program for the people, by the people—no more automatic services. No more wondering where to get support or whom to talk to. No more asking--why I didn't know about the funding?? We got it covered.

We know what it takes to serve the people with humanity because we are the people we serve.

Our funds are limited, and we still have about $3,000 to allocate towards furniture and PPE. Donate towards our new office space or surprise us with a gift from our Amazon Wishlist; click below!
We want to give a huge shout-out to the graduating members of our 6th cohort of Supporting Healthy Black Families; congratulations on committing to 90 days of transformation, education, and self-love.

On September 12th, we'll celebrate the growth, strength, and resilience of the participants of cohort 6 at Penn Park.

Donate to cover the cost of the graduation, or make a donation to cover stipends for the next cohort, which starts on September 21, 2021. Whatever you do, please do it for the people. People who're putting in the work to be better than they were yesterday. We can’t wait to see who participants are being in the world after learning the skills, confidence, and knowledge to make changes in their lives and the world around them! 

We're accepting applications for the 7th cohort. Please keep in mind that you can participate from anywhere in the world, and stipends are provided. Share the application with your peeps. Click below for more information.
Yesterday was our last day supporting the CORE I rental program spearheaded by the Tenant Resource Center (TRC) and the City of Madison. CORE I will continue through September. Visit TRC for updates.

Our staff really enjoyed being in the community and providing supports. Our most notable experiences, 2nd to community members, were with landlords and property managers who organized residents, distributed flyers, and signed folks up ahead of time. It was an amazing demonstration of what cooperation, collaboration, and community look like.

A big shout out to Madison Public Libraries--South Madison and downtown. A huge shout out to Seven Oaks Apartments, Packers Town Homes, Wexford Ridge, The Pines, Revival Ridge, North Pointe, and all the other folks who welcomed us with warm arms and provided PPE and safety protocols for community members.

Thank you, Dane County Collaboration of Black Service Providers, who partnered with us and answered our call to serve without hesitation. Some member organizations will continue to serve the City of Madison by way of individuals contracts and MOUs for CORE I and II. Any questions, please refer to the TRC and the City of Madison websites for information and updates.

We served approximately 1000 community members over a 6 month period because of the agencies and property managers mentioned above. We can and will meet the needs of our community by working in unity.

We look forward to providing rental support to community members through our partnership with Dane County Human Services. In the next week or two, we'll provide more information regarding the launch of the new program. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels.

And, as mentioned above, donate!
Hiring now! Apply below! Over the past two weeks, we hired nine people. The number of available positions is rapidly decreasing. Are you ready to get started? Complete the application and share the link. Become part of a story like no other by joining Urban Triage. The only company that does what we do is us. A dynamic workplace and competitive pay await you!