We can wine, ohh can we wine!

Until the mid-1900s, large wine amphora has remained relatively unchanged for 6000 years. They were all some variant of terr-cotta with different designs and sizes to optimize the regional grapes.
Ancient designs include Roman Amphora, Spanish Tinaja (terra-cotta storage vessels), and Georgian Qvevri (among the world's oldest winemaking regions). 

Aging wines in earthenware also showed surprising results. The porosity of the clay increases oxygen exposure to wines while they age. Oxygen accelerates tertiary flavor development, including softening tannins and increasing the aroma of nuts, baked fruit, and chocolate. The increased levels of dissolved oxygen in the amphora wines meant they are ready in about half the time of wines aged in oak.

The Spanish Tinaja pictured are from the late 1800s to the early 1900s and were used to store wine for aging. They are from 8-12 feet tall and in excellent condition. If you would be so inclined, you could even fill them with wine! 

We have 6 of them being delivered over the next few months. The last time we had them, they sold within a few weeks of arrival. Amphora of this quality, age, and provenance are increasingly difficult to find. We purchased these in November of last year, and they are finally arriving. If you or a client are interested, please call us to reserve one asap. 

Love, light, and vino