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New Fathers to Receive Info during Home Visits

The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood is excited to announce a new collaboration between ODJFS and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) that will provide information about local fatherhood programs to expectant and new parents in ODH's Home Visiting programs.
Home Visiting programs are voluntary, evidence-based family support programs designed to promote healthy growth and development for babies and young children. Well-trained professionals visit parents in their homes to empower them with skills, tools and confidence to nurture the healthy growth of their children.
The collaboration with OCF is expected to give fathers in particular more skills, tools and confidence. Research shows that when fathers are involved in their children's lives and provide them with good care - for example, by encouraging breastfeeding, not smoking and practicing safe sleep habits with their babies - infant mortality rates decline.
Home Visiting professionals will provide basic fatherhood program information to new and expectant parents. If fathers are interested in learning more, the home visitor can make a referral, and OCF will track the results. For more information, visit HelpMeGrow.ohio.gov or fatherhood.ohio.gov