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We hope you are just as excited as we are to start the new year. We look forward to reaching more and more fathers and helping them become better parents, partners and providers.  


Please visit our website at www.fatherhood.ohio.gov to learn more about our initiatives around the state to strengthen fathers and families.
A First Time Father

Since 2009, Cedric Collins has been an active commissioner for the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood. He also is the legislative liaison for the Ohio Department of Youth Services. However, Cedric has a whole new perspective on fatherhood since the recent birth of his first child, a baby girl named Caydence Marie. We asked him several questions about this exciting, pivotal moment in his life. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, Cedric!

 June Responsible Fatherhood Month
OCF is starting a new initiative that calls for your help. June Responsible Fatherhood Month is a new opportunity for community based agencies and organizations to celebrate fathers and raise the awareness of the importance of responsible fatherhood. Funding is available for strong applications encouraged to strengthen fatherhood in Ohio during the month of June. Read More and Apply here...