Ohio Department of Education and
the 1619 Project Agenda
Previously we alerted you that the Ohio State Board of Education passed a resolution in support of the radical 1619 Project. The resolution declared Ohio and its education system as "systemically racist against blacks, indigenous people and people of color and in need of internal examination, correction for achievement gaps, disparate discipline, white supremacy, cultural insensitivity, hate speech, and implicit bias" in a 12 to 5 vote on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

We were encouraged that
David Barton, a renowned national expert in American History, addressed the State Board of Education on November 10th, giving wise counsel to the board about their flawed resolution. Specifically, he noted that the resolution is one-sided and lacks any mention of the position impact that black people have made to the betterment of our country, and he provided many excellent examples.

Despite opposition to the direction of the school board on this matter, the Ohio Department of Education made it clear last week that they are in full support of their resolution. On Friday, December 4th the Superintendent of the Ohio Department of Education and the President of the State School Board participated as panelists in a discussion at the Cleveland City Club about "strong progressive reform efforts" underway in Ohio schools.

We are receiving reports from parents that this radical agenda is already being taught on-line in some Ohio schools. Parents must learn what is being taught and demand that teachers not teach this radical agenda to their children nor promote this dangerous ideology.

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