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 Aug. 2017
Ohio Department of Aging Director Visits Region

The Ohio Department of Aging Director, Stephanie Loucka visited Buckeye Hills Regional Council and the region in July.

Shown above: from left Buckeye Hills Aging & Disability program
Director Jennifer Westfall with Director Loucka. She also met with our Information & Assistance staff - the front door to aging and disability resources. (shown with I&A Specialist Brandi Hesson, CIRS-A center).

Director Loucka shared updates and wanted to learn more about the Buckeye Hills region and those we serve. She also visited with the staff at the Hocking, Athens, Perry Community Action Program (HAPCAP) in Logan to learn more about their innovative services for seniors. 

Regional Programs Benefit Seniors

Sponsor a Senior Effort Launched

The annual Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program is so popular that inevitably the demand outpaces the available funding. Year-over-year, the Buckeye Hills region in southeast Ohio maintains waiting lists with hundreds of seniors who never get coupons for fresh market items. The Buckeye Hills Regional Council is the lead agency for the Southeast Ohio Aging & Disability Resource Network and administers the program.

The Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) provides income-eligible senior citizens with special coupons worth $50 to enjoy locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and honey. While the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program is funded by USDA and the Ohio Department of Aging, their funding is LIMITED. Many income-eligible seniors are placed on waiting lists.

ram coupons may be exchanged for eligible foods from authorized farmers. Only fresh, locally grown fruits, herbs, vegetables and honey are eligible to be purchased with the coupons.

"Since 1974, we have been a trusted source for information and access to a full-range of available services, programs and options to help individuals, regardless of age or disability, remain at home," said Aging Director Jennifer Westfall. "This year, we decided to create the $ponsor a $enior program and ask the community to help us meet the demand for Senior Farmers' Market Coupons in the form of donations. A donation of $50 will sponsor one of the 500+ seniors in Southeast Ohio on the current waiting list for Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program coupons."

Westfall added that the $ponsor a $enior program will also benefit Project Lifesaver. This technology, in the hands of certified law enforcement partners, helps find people with a cognitive disorder such as Alz heimer's disease or Autism when they wander from a caregiver.

Clients are outfitted with a transmitter about the size of a watch - worn on the wrist or ankle. Should the client wander, the caregiver
notifies 911 and the local Sheriff's Office begins a search immediately using Project Lifesaver equipment. Without the technology, searches can last hours or days. Through community donations, the program is offered free to seniors and $350 will sponsor one enrollee on the Project Lifesaver Program.    
Your donation (of any amount) can help provide services and    
support to seniors in need across 8 counties in Southeast Ohio.
Mail donations to: Buckeye Hills Regional Council 
1400 Pike St. Marietta, OH  45750
Click here to learn more!

Go Fund Me transaction and processing fees will be deducted from your donation. Donations are not tax deductible as Buckeye Hills is not a 501(c)3. 

Buckeye Hills Helps Manage Healthcare through Education
Appalachian residents are faced with many common chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis that have devastating impacts to quality of life. However, many chronic conditions are manageable with education programs that offer peer support and practical tips that help individuals manage their symptoms, save on health care costs, and improve their quality of life.

In partnership with many community-based providers around the region, Buckeye Hills offers evidence-based self-management education that teaches workshop participants how to self-manage their chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD and reduce the risk of falls.  
"The programming offered through the Buckeye Hills Population Health Division focuses a person's ability to adapt to, respond to, or control life's challenges and changes," said Rick Hindman, Assistant Executive Director. "Our programming focuses on empowering people to manage their healthcare through education."
The region was second in the state last month with the number of "completers" in the DEEP Diabetes Self-Management workshops offered. One such class is shown below. 

Many older adults restrict activities due to the fear of falling. Inactivity can often lead to a weakened physical state or isolation, making the risks of falling even greater.

The Matter of Balance program is an 8-week education option designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels.

"Healthy U" assists individuals who live with long-term health conditions such as arthritis, lung disease, high blood pressure or other conditions and want to take control of your health.  There is NO COST to participate in this six-week/two hr. per week educational series. Watch a Health U testimonial video!

Programming is offered through Buckeye Hills, senior centers, physician offices and health departments.   
Caregiver Corner

Support Available for Caregivers

If you often help an aging loved-one with day-to-day activities like meal preparation, housekeeping, grocery shopping, paperwork or even personal care, you are a caregiver. You join the ranks of more than 50 million Americans who provide care for family or friends.

It is common for caregivers to simply see themselves as just doing what they are supposed to do in helping a loved one. But, once individuals can identify themselves as a caregiver, they are more prone to ask for help or access available resources. Caregiver stress can also magnify with additional responsibilities at work (60 percent are employed) or with their own families.

Buckeye Hills' Caregiver Advocacy program offers support to informal caregivers who are providing care for loved ones at home. Services provided through this program include in-home caregiver training, one-on-one support by a case manager, information and referrals to community providers, legal services and respite assistance.

Millions of family caregivers across America support the health and well-being of their loved ones. Remember, you are not alone! The Buckeye Hills Caregiver Advocacy program can be a help to you as you help others. We have a variety of resources and services available. Call 1-800-331-2644, or visit our web site today!

"Having tools to resolve problems is a definite advantage in becoming a better caregiver, and a happier, wiser, healthier me... and a healthier "us!"
~ Peggy (a Caregiver whose mother has Alzheimer's disease)

"Now I have useful information I can depend on."
~ A Caregiver
Summer Energy Crisis Program Helps with Summer Heat 
For more information about the features of the Summer Crisis Program locally, Buckeye Hills Regional Council at 1-800-331-2644. Additional information can also be found by calling (800) 282-0880 or at www.energyhelp.ohio.gov. To enroll, contact your local Community Action Program, as noted below.   
Dates to Remember:
Aug. 4 - Buckeye Hills Regional Council
Executive Committee meeting
Sept. 1 - Proposals for the 2018-2019 Title III E National Family Caregiver Support Program are due.
Sept. 1 - Proposals for 2018-2019 Title III-D Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services are due.
Sept. 8 - Regional Transportation Planning Organization Committees to meet.  
REMINDER ~ Requests for Proposals:

Buckeye Hills Regional Council is requesting proposals for the 2018-2019 Title III E National Family Caregiver Support Program from agencies to provide respite services to caregivers of persons 60 years of age and older within the Service Area of Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Perry and Washington counties. Funding source is Older Americans Act Title-III E.  Services eligible for Title III-E funding are:  Adult Day Respite, Overnight Respite, Homemaker Respite, Home Medical Equipment and Personal Care Respite Services.

In addition, Buckeye Hills Regional Council is requesting proposals for 2018-2019 Title III-D Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services. Title III-D Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services proposals are being requested for Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Perry and Washington counties.

Title III-D seeks to initiate evidence-based/evidenced informed programs designed to help older adults prevent/manage chronic diseases and increase healthier lifestyles.

Help Take
"10 Million Steps"
to Prevent Falls

One in three Ohioans over age 60 will fall this year, and for many of them, that fall could lead to a life-changing injury. However, falls are not a normal part of aging, and most falls can be prevented. Regular physical activity, like walking 15-30 minutes a day, strengthens muscles, improves balance, flexibility and increases stamina. Walking is one of the easiest and best ways to stay active and is one of the most basic things you can do to reduce your risk of falling.
To raise awareness of older adult falls and the many ways to prevent them, the STEADY U Ohio initiative is sponsoring the 3rd annual "10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls." On Sept. 22, and throughout the month of September, STEADY U will partner with community organizations to plan and host local walking events and groups, with the goal of getting at least 4,000 Ohioans to walk a mile each in the name of falls prevention. Individuals can join in by taking a one-mile walk by themselves or with others, and posting a selfie of their efforts to social media.
Last year, 59 organizations sponsored 55 community events. Across Ohio, more than 3,500 Ohioans walked approximately 6,800 miles. At an average of 2,500 steps per mile, that's 17 million steps taken in the name of falls prevention!
This year, let's work together to beat those statistics. Local organizations, with members, staff and partners can help STEADY U Ohio take more than "10 Million Steps" to prevent falls.
Visit www.steadyu.ohio.gov in late August for more information and to register your community or group event.
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Misty Casto: Executive Director
Rick Hindman: Assistant Executive Director
Jennifer Westfall: Aging Director
Dawn Weber, LSW, LNHA: Home Care Director 

Buckeye Hills Regional Council is organized as a voluntary organization of local government political subdivisions to foster cooperative efforts in regional planning, and implementing of regional plans and programs.
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