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March 9, 2023

Calendar Reminders

March 14: Ohio FCCLA Open Office Hours

March 25: Executive Council Candidate Training

March 27: CTE Teaching Professions Portfolio Webinar - Starts at 3:00 p.m.

April 11: Ohio FCCLA Open Office Hours

April 15: Executive Council Candidate and State Degree Interviews

April 22: State Culinary Career Development Events

April 27: State Career Development Events

April 27-28: State Leadership Conference


Home Baking Association Resource Guide

Learning to bake launches essential living skills while achieving core education goals for literacy, science, math, art, and social science. There are many baking STEM and career connections with agricultural commodities, ingredient food sciences, retail baking, milling and baking engineering and technology. The list of educational resources aim to help parents, teachers, schools and school administrators facilitate student learning and provide social care and interaction. 

Baking Education Resource Guide

Baking and Flour Food Safety At Your Fingertips 

Each year the Home Baking Association Educator Award Contest recognizes an outstanding educator who engages individuals, families and communities with the educational benefits of baking. The entry deadline is March 31, how to enter can be found at HomeBaking.org/educator-award.


Gear Up for Personal Achievement and Chapter Awards

As members gear up for winter and spring FCCLA activities, be sure to check out the following personal achievement and chapter awards.


March 15

March 30

March 31

  • ECE Signing Day

April 4

  • Executive Council Candidate Application

April 15

  • Executive Council Candidate and State Degree Interviews

Ohio FCCLA Year in Review Slideshow

Ohio FCCLA chapters may submit up to 10 pictures to Socialmedia@ohiofccla.org for the Ohio FCCLA Year in Review Slideshow. The deadline to email pictures is Friday, March 31, 2023.

Early Childhood Education Signing Day

Ohio FCCLA has partnered with OCCRRA this year to offer an Early Childhood Education Signing Day. There will be a special ceremony at the Opening Session, April 27th of the State Leadership Conference.

This session is to honor all FCCLA members committing to entering the early childhood workforce or planning to attend higher education for an early childhood degree. All recognized members will receive honor cords. Professional photos will be available after the conference. All signees will be expected to be in official dress. Members must register to participate through the Ohio Professional Registry.

Membership Update

Affiliation Numbers as of February 22:

  • 10,038 Affiliated Members
  • 220 Affiliated Chapter Adviser
  • 266 Affiliated Chapters

Reminder to Advisers with semester courses who signed up for the Unlimited Package, please enter your second semester students before March 15, 2023, when we close Go For the Red - Ohio.

Chapters can affiliate members up to May 30, 2023. Please be sure you get your chapter affiliated.

Conference At A Glance

State Conference Information

Registration Rates:

  • Affiliated Members: $40
  • Non-Affiliated Members: $40
  • Adviser(s): $15 
  • Adult Guests (Family Members) $35
  • Administrators: Free
  • Parking Pass (Multi-entry): $15 – School transportation vehicles do not require a pass.


American Culinary Association Credential for Baking and Pastry and Culinary Arts

Ohio FCCLA and national FCCLA have partnered with the American Culinary Association to offer members who earned a 70% on their regional competitive event can sit for the ACF Certified Fundamentals Cook/Pastry Cook. The written exam will be completed on the ACF Online Learning Center. Students must pass the exam with a 75%. Scores will be provided immediately following the exam. All members receiving either credential will receive recognition at the State Leadership Conference, April 28, 2023. Additional Information.

Free Driver Training and Research Opportunity

Any member interested in participating in this free driver training app research project use the QR code on the flier.

State Leadership Conference National Anthem

Calling all talented students. Ohio FCCLA is looking for a person(s) to perform the National Anthem at State Leadership Conference. This can be an individual or group and does not have to be a FCCLA member. Any interested parties, please complete this form.

Say Yes to FCS

There is a huge demand for Family and Consumer Sciences educators in secondary schools, extension, and higher education. Ohio FCCLA has joined the national initiative to build strong leadership for the future of Family and Consumer Sciences. We want to celebrate as you "Say Yes to FCS" at the State Leadership Conference. Registration Deadline: March 15, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

Service Hours Tracking

Service hours are tracked from March 15 of the past year to March 1 of the current year. Members will be awarded a certificate based on hours submitted in the FCCLA Student Portal under My FCCLA Journey – My Service. Members will include Service Date, Event Name, number of Hours, and Details. 

Individual Service Digital Certificates will be available on the Ohio FCCLA Website.

  • Bronze Level (up to 20 service hours)
  • Silver Level (21 to 75 service hours)
  • Gold Level (76 - 100 service hours)
  • Platinum Level (100 plus service hours with onstage recognition at State Leadership Conference)

The top three chapters and the top three members will be announced at the State Leadership Conference. Members receiving stage recognition, please have them report to their assigned seating 30 minutes prior to the start of the session. Members who choose not to comply with the Ohio FCCLA Dress Code policy, forfeits the opportunity to be recognized onstage.

Executive Council Candidate

Executive Council Members are equipped with skills for life as members take responsibility in planning and implementing state and regional programming and events. Any affiliated member who is enthusiastic, innovative, futuristic, active, committed and passionate for FCCLA, we have an opportunity for you. Being an Executive Council member is a fantastic opportunity to learn, make new friends, and strengthen your communication, travel, and leadership skills. Elevate your ultimate leadership experience and enhance your leadership skills by running for a Regional or State Executive Council position! Any member going to be in eighth grade, freshman, sophomore or junior can apply for a Regional position. Members who are going to be a freshman, sophomore or junior can apply for a State position. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any Regional or State Executive Council member. You can find their contact information here.


Get 20, Give 10 Zwilling Exclusive Shopping Events

At ZWILLING, we’re all about building connections, both in the kitchen and in the communities. What better way to build community ties, than to offer you and your members a chance to shop our products at a great price, all while giving back to your organization!

This exclusive event lets your members take advantage of discounted prices on our high-quality cutlery, cookware, flatware, electrics, glassware, and accessories from all our brands, including STAUB, DEMEYERE, HENCKELS, and more. The ZWILLING family of products is recognized globally as the symbol of the highest possible quality and functionality offering something for everyone in the kitchen.

Zwilling invites you to partner with us in designing an exclusive or private in-store shopping event for your organization. Give your members the opportunity to shop all the products in our ZWILLING store at a 20% discount, and 10% of the proceeds will go back to your organization!

This event will also be offered at the Ohio FCCLA State Leadership Conference on April 27th. If you are interested, please complete this form.

Ohio FCCLA Honorary Member Award

Ohio Family, Career and Community Leaders of America honors those professionals who give continued support to the state organization. Nominees model the mission statement by promoting personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

Nominee: A current or past adviser, state adviser, state administrator, local supervisor, post-secondary educator, alumni and business/industry partners.


  1. Involved in local, regional and state FCCLA events and projects
  2. Holds leadership positions in the organization
  3. Promotes Ohio FCCLA at the local, district, regional and state level
  4. Contributes to the achievement of Ohio FCCLA's mission and purposes

The recipient will be notified prior to the State Leadership Conference.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2023

Spirit of Advising Award

Ohio Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Spirit of Advising Award recognizes one adviser who consistently demonstrates excellence in modeling FCCLA character and integrity to ensure the success of their students within the classroom and their career. The dedication and support of Family and Consumer Sciences Education, youth leadership and the FCCLA organization allows FCCLA to be the Ultimate Leadership Experience.

Spirit of Advising Award qualifications:

  1. Educates the community on the importance of Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  2. Demonstrates the value of involvement in the FCCLA organization
  3. Supports FCCLA members in developing skills necessary for success
  4. Builds strong CTE and FCCLA programming through effective instruction, membership recruitment and retention
  5. Maintains a strong FCCLA chapter participation at the regional, state, and national levels
  6. Actively participates in professional development and profession organizations

The recipient will be notified prior to the State Leadership Conference.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2023

Regional Career Development Events 

Now Live! 2023 Regional Career Development Event Websites can be found at the Ohio FCCLA Website, under Regional Career Development Events > 2022-2023 Regional Career Development Events Dates and Locations > Click on Region Name and Locations (Red Links). Regional Career Development Events websites contains information for Competitor Name Changes, CDE Cancellations, Evaluator Sign Up, CDE Schedule, Host Site Food, Parking, and CDE Coordinator contact information. 

Regional Career Development Events Rubrics

All scoring will be done electronically using Judge Pro. Electronic rubrics will be available the Monday following your Regional Career Development Event by 5:00 p.m. You will need to access the rubrics at Ohio FCCLA Regional Career Development Events registration.


  • Go to Ohio FCCLA website and click on Regional Career Development Events;
  • Scroll down and select your region number;
  • Click on the registration button;
  • Enter your Chapter ID Number and password;
  • On the left hand side click on the black button called "Results"
  • A screen will appear with the list of events and participants from your chapter along with their overall score and medal;
  • Click download to get all rubrics and feedback from the evaluators


If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Hamblin.


Teaching Positions

Auburn Career Center

Bedford City Schools

Circleville High School

Crestwood High School

Worthington Kilbourne High School

OATFACS Awards Nominations

OATFACS Awards Nomination Form

Nominations due April 1, 2023

Career and Technical Education Teacher of the Year

Recognizes a new teacher, up to five years teaching experience, who has enhanced their professional development through collaboration with OATFACS, Office of Career- Technical Education and FCCLA to provide quality classroom programs. OATFACS membership required.

Distinguished Service Division Leaders

Recognizes OATFACS members’ professional commitment, CTSO involvement and community service. Recipients have made contributions to improve, promote, and develop the progress of Career-Technical Education. One recipient will be identified in each area: Family and Consumer Sciences, Education and Training, and Hospitality and Tourism. OATFACS membership required.

Outstanding Career and Technical Administrator

Recognize an administrator or state staff who enhances the image of Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Career-Technical Education through significant contributions toward development and improvement of programs.

Champion of Family and Consumer Sciences Education 

Recognize a business, industry, government (local, state, federal), community-based agency or a representative who has exemplified extraordinary support for Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

OATFACS Membership

Did you know that Ohio ACTE Organizational Members are schools and other institutions that join Ohio ACTE. All staff members receive complimentary Ohio ACTE membership and access to benefits. Please be sure to contact your school administrator to confirm membership. Once membership is confirmed, remember to add OATFACS Division for $30.

OATFACS Summer Conference

Career-Technical Education Awareness Campaign

The Ohio Department of Education is working with Singleton & Partners to develop a Career-Technical Education awareness campaign. To gather feedback for local market research, Singleton & Partners has developed surveys to gage current awareness of the benefits of Career-Technical Education. Survey participants should be teachers, counselors and school administration serving students in grades 6-12, parents and guardians with children enrolled in grades 6-12, and students enrolled in grades 6-12. To gather as much feedback as possible, the Department encourages districts and schools to share the surveys with their staff, students and families via email distribution lists, social media, school message boards, business advisory councils and by other means deemed appropriate by the school. Educators can use the information in this document to invite the school community to participate in the survey.

Staff Contact Information:

Alyssa BregelAssistant Director

Cheryl Hamblin, Administrative Professional

Christie Jackson, Education Program Specialist

Mary Jo Kohl, Education Program Specialist


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