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Ohio HOSA Administrator Supporter Nominations

Competitive Event Helpers Needed

National Pediatric Cancer
Registration for the State Leadership Conference officially opens tomorrow - January 16th!

A detailed letter will be emailed to all advisors to. Please review it carefully as it will contain details about the housing block, competition sites, workshops, food options, and many more new options that advisors will have available to their students this year.

 Jim Scott, State Advisor

January 16, 2019
State Leadership Conference Registration Opens

January 18, 2019
Midwest Region Competitive Events Sign Up Deadline

January 23, 2018
State/National Officer Applications Due

January 26, 2019
Northeast Region Competitive Events at Pioneer CTC

February 1, 2019
Northwest Region Competitive Events at University of Toledo

February 2, 2019
Mideast Region Competitive Events at Canton South HS

NEW Link for RightResponse Fundraiser
Reminder if your chapter is looking for ways to raise funds and at the same time provide a product that can save lives, RightResponse offers a First Aid Kit with an incentive program that can do both. Click the below link to be go to the site on the Ohio HOSA website for details.
Note: RightResponse also makes a donation to Ohio HOSA for the purpose of providing a scholarship for an Ohio HOSA member.

Ohio HOSA Administrator Supporter Award
The Ohio HOSA Association is proud to announce the Second Annual Ohio HOSA Administrator Award program. One administrator from each of the six Ohio HOSA regions will be recognized at the State Leadership Conference.

Nominations must be made by local HOSA chapter advisors at the middle school, high school, or post-secondary (college/university) level.

Nominations can be submitted by the general public, current or former students, parents, fellow educators, school administrators and community members.

Nominations are due January 31, 2019.
Competitive Event Helpers Needed
We are all familiar with the phrase, "All Hands on Deck!" In order to conduct quality experiences we need every advisor to help with conducting our regional and state competitive events. Your expertise and assistance along with that of industry representatives will allow us to provide those positive experiences.

Please download the below form, complete it and email the form to Jim Scott. We will then copy the form and give the appropriate forms to the respective Region Captain for potential use as they plan and prepare for the regional competition. No teacher will be asked or allowed to judge their own student(s). If you know of others who would be willing to assist, please copy the form and email it to Ohiohosa.14@gmail.com.
National Pediatric Cancer Project
The delegates at the International Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX voted to embrace the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF) as the official HOSA initiative. This partnership is for the next two school years.

The below website will be the main source for all involvement with the NPCF as well as where HOSA members and advisors can go to download marketing materials, educational Power points, and videos. Keep checking back as they will continually be adding new resources!

In terms of fundraising, please forward this information to your local Ohio c hapter leaders. T he ‘Leaders Guide’ sign up as well as the ‘Individual Guide’ document can be accessed by clicking on the below words, "Leaders" and "Individuals" and the below website. We will be covering this topic in greater details at the Fall Leadership Conference.

Send an email to Jim Scott to sign up another teacher or your administrators that may benefit from this weekly newsletter.
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